Mon Anniversaire

Tomorrow's my birthday but my family had decided to celebrate in an earlier date. That was last Wednesday at a resort here in Dasmarinas, Cavite. I'll be 19 yrs. old. Another chapter that's going to unfold by tomorrow.

So I've celebrated by birthday together with my Lola and ate Carol. My Lola's bday is on April 27, Carol's on April 29. Mine is May 1. Having a family like this makes me feel I'm loved and being taken care of by them. As what I've posted in my facebook account 'Mabuti ng single atleast May pamilyang nagamamahal sa akin'( It's better to be single if you have a family that loves me so much). They're always there if I have problems at school and supports me on whatever direction that I take. I'm blessed that I have a family like this.
That's me slicing the cake . Sorry I know I don't have that gorgeous body but I love who I am but I know being chubby is unhealthy for me because I love eating food , especially if I'm stressed.(You may kill me now, but I seriously love eating )

My tita took a picture of my back. Haha it doesn't look like I'm that chubby :D

That's my niece ,beside me. She's too shy to wear a monokini so she covered it up with a shirt and jersey shorts.
These are my cousins. Just having fun before going home.
To be honest, I've been having the birthday blues. I've been in the dark side of my room because I'm afraid of aging. I feel like I haven't done anything big in my teen years. It's like I've let it pass by me. I haven't experienced doing this and that. or i haven't experienced to shop like there's no tomorrow because my family  belongs to the middle class. So sometimes , I feel insecure about myself and envious bout other girls. But I just think of happy stuff to let it all go away. I hope being nineteen will offer me a lot of things to the stuff I haven't experienced. It's my last year to be a teen and have fun.


  1. Happy birthday Maureen... wishing you all the best! xoxo

  2. Happy birthday to you!!! and why don't you just go out and do something out of the norm so you can say you did something fun or wild when you were young...go get a tattoo or a piercing..color your hair...and you shouldn't feel insecure...your pretty!! :)

  3. @akaCola I'm actually planning to dye my hair :D I actually like to go bungee-jumping or surfing I like to try new stuff

  4. Happy B`daaay !
    you are so pretty and seem so tall o.O


  5. @Alexa Thanks dear. You're pretty too

  6. That's true. We must be satisfied with our body but I always fail to be! Hahaha :-) Happy Birthday Maureen! :)

  7. @Marla haha yeah sometimes our enemy is ourselves. dapat positive na lang. turn the tables around, right :)

  8. Happy birthday! (: You are pretty you shouldn't feel insecure!

    I like your blog!

  9. @Colorouss I'm trying to be postive and Thank God about all of the stuff He has given. Maybe there's a reason y am i in this state of being :)