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Hey guys, I'm really sorry if i haven't blog or update you guys about my daily posts and random stuff. anyhoo, i'll put this blogspot on hiatus and i'll start writing at momanuel.tumblr.com :)


Interns United :D

One of the BIGGEST EVENT in the Philippine Fashion Industry is coming up again:P ,so pretty much busy in the coming days. I'm afraid that I can't really blog a lot because of 2 things :P A. School is coming up (I feel so freshman again tomorrow ) ,B. Some stuff can't really be shared :P

Numbering models' id tags :D

So last Friday, after all the day (rather afternoon) work.....
Stylista, Indie Prepster, Girl-Next-Door, the Rocker

My girls, my boss and I went to Greenhills to bond and accompany Bev to her first gig as a concept photographer.:P 

Leather Jacket : Forever21, Tank Top: Anonymous , Accessories : Made by me ,Jeans : Natasha ( yup , You've read it right, my mom once bought me some jeans from them, but hey , it perfectly fits me.

 That's our new found friend , Portia :D
She's an intern of one of the best style director in the Philippines.

This is Jason Fernandez, vocalist of Rivermaya. This is by Beverly Kho. It's an epic photo for me. 
I had a blast Friday and it's my first time to go home late :D. 

I'm really learning a lot from the people I'm with and hopefully in the coming days, I shall know a lot more about the fashion industry in the Philippines, hands-on.
Till next time

(last 1st and last 3 photos were taken by Beverly Kho)


the things we do when we are bored aka the PHOTOBOOTH :P

So just to keep my humble blog alive, I want to share some photos that were recently shot during the time we don't do anything at the office :P (well ,rather before we go home and rest) 


August 14,2010:: Retrograde Shoot

So, I'm planning to have or try to have a folio shoot of mine every month because I want to practice my skill and learn more about my strengths and skills. Anyway, I'm inspired by retro and anything that pops out with color.  I want to share my fave shots from the shoot :P You guys can check my online folio @ styleartsy.blogspot.com

skirts,corset and boots all from Soule Phenomenon



Sorry guys, for the lack of updates and journals in my blog. There's so much going on with my life right now. Good thing I don't any final exams in the Finals week at school. Anyhoo , one of the reason I can't update you guys is because I can't really blog or tell about anything that I'm right now. But, ok I guess I can say I'm an intern for one of the BIGGEST Fashion Events in the country. So , I guess that's a very easy clue but I probably, share all of my experience after the event. But I guess I'll manage to blog about more about fashion :P. Anyhoo, I can't believe my prof reads my blog.

What happened was my prof was asking me about my panel grade from one of my panel discussion at her class. Then she replied that one :P. I never thought she'll read it , I know I have a signature but my previous professors doesn't really care about the siggies. Oh well Thank you , Dr. Plata. :)

P.S I do have some professors following me on Twitter, so it's hard to rant about their subjects :))


Polaroid Exhibit (August 18,2010)

I really love this polaroid-esque photo. It looks cute and wacky . I really love my friends :)

I went to the Polaroid Exhibit last Wednesday, August 18,2010. I must say I love the exhibit. Polaroid cameras remind me of Vintage pictures and 70's. I love how authentic and artsy the shots being produced by this little camera. Now, they have the new digital Polaroid called PoGo. It's really handy and fun to use. I was also happy because I've met with my friends again. :D Academics and Social life ,sometimes, hard to balance. Anyhoo enjoy the pictures :D.
I was wearing a top from my mom , then SM dept store shorts.Janylin Orange Wedges and bag from tita.

Here are some of the Polaroid models from the past. The Tazmanian Polaroid model is quirky and cute.

Here's the gang with Garovs.

Here is a work by Revo Naval, one of my fave from the exhibit. 

This is by Jake Versoza. It's so Pinoy.

Me being shy talking to Revo about something :))

Cheska and Me, I love her top.

Here's Aivan, I love the whole outfit. He told me the top is DIY-ed. Amazing noh?

Revo Naval and Me

Photo Source : Edrick Bruel and Paul Jatayna


Leather :Another road to 'power' dressing

I happen to love seeing clothes that empowers a woman's body. The one that can make her feel in control or fierce or fabulous. :) Then  I saw this :

(Above photo source : Fashionising.com)

It's like a love at first sight.:) I love that in Prim Magazine Issue 11, they managed to mix lace and leather and makes it look polish yet sexy. Adding leather to ypour outfit (or make it your whole outfit) can make you look powerful and daredevil. You can't wear leather with that much confidence and effort. Then , it also reminded me of Ms. Jaz Cerezo 's recent collection from PFW Holiday 2010. In he collection , she also made use of leather and lace. I'm telling her whole collection is great and her collection is also one of the best collection from the recent Philippine FashionWeek. Here are some of my favorites.

(Photo source, stylebible.ph and Ms. Cerezo's collection photos from facebook)

Futuristic Fashion Editorial from Fashion Trend Australia

(Photo source: Fashionising.com)

If you guys haven't noticed, I'm fond of buying magazines because of its editorial spreads , or look into Fashionising.com to see some other fashion editorials around the world. It's like a modern , chic, fashion enthusiast's comic book to read because it has story and depth and sometimes thought provoking (have you guys seen Vogue Italia's controversial oil spill shoot).

Here's one of my recent fave editorials. We always see fashion magazines take on modern futuristic look and  all are going for black, grey, silver or gold or bronze in term of color palette but this one is different. There's still a minimalist approach but I love that they took a risk and use color and still manage to get that feeling of a modern and futuristic vibe. The photography is amazing, which is by Sasha Hochstetter. I like all of it because I do believe not all women wants to look like a complete robot or something. We still have grace and sometimes we want a splash of color in our closet. 

Blood Letting

Don't hate, DO-NATE!!

Anyhoo, I had so much activities from the past few days, from History Reporting to Poetry Recital to an Impromptu speech for my Speech and Communications class. This only means one thing, FINALS (HELL WEEK) Exams week is coming up in a few more days. But with all of those I still managed to do volunteer stuff and attend an exhibit (which will I blog tomorrow, I'm waiting for my co-volunteer photo). So I'm really looking forward to donating 450 ml of my blood but I was deferred twice because 1. ) my hemoglobin level was low (that was yesterday) 2.) because I'm stressed and 'puyat' from last night. I really felt bad about it because I want to experience it and also save lives.

Here are some trivia about donating blood :P

Blood is a vital fluid. It is important treatment of:
* accidents
* hemorrhages
* burns
* anemia
* major operations
* bleeding after childbirth
* leukemias
* thalassemias
* bleeding diathesis
* hemolytic disease of the new born
Do you know that:
* Blood has no substitute.
* Blood cannot be manufactured in any laboratory.
* It has to be donated only by human beings.
* The sick and wounded can be saved, if every healthy person considers it a personal responsibility.
Who are qualified to donate blood?
* You must be 18 to 65 years old, (16 and 17 may donate blood provided with parent’s / guardian consent).
* You must be at least 110 lbs. or 50 kg.
* Your hemoglobin level must be at least 125 g/L (not anemic). ---->>> this is the reason why I was deferred twice.
* Your blood pressure must be between: Systolic 90-160 mmHg, Diastolic 60-100 mmHg
* Your pulse rate is 50 to 100 beats per minute.
Donating blood is a very simple procedure that will take a few minutes of your time. At the same time blood donation will give you the following benefits:
* Your bone marrow will be stimulated to produce new and active cells which in turn make the blood forming organs function more effectively.
* You will get a personal health check-up, you will know your blood type, hemoglobin and blood pressure.
* More volunteer blood donors would meet supply of blood.
* It is something that will make you feel good about yourself.

What I wore for today :P

The needle is now in the skin :P

Pumping/Sucking of the blood bag from the donor's arm

This just looks so adorable

So here's the COSCA-Love Volunteer team together with the Medical Team yay :P


Lookbooks that I like

At this moment :P
I love how the gloves make the dainty lace dress look preppy-rock.

I love her Jawline and her facial expression is good. (Both photos for Hilary Rhoda:Blanco Fall2010)

Who is Patrizia Pepe ad for fall is so hilarious that makes it more interesting,

I love the styling, it looks young and a refreshing take on button ups.

I just love how Guess by Marciano lookbook looks like taken from an old 50's magazine

(Photos from Fashionising.com)