My Eco-experience

One of the things I've learned during my tree planting activity at Bulacan was you can never control life itself. Why ? Let me tell it to you in a bit:P

Well, my co-volunteers and the coordinators of the organization I'm in at school ( Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Effort and Cosca, Center of Social Concern Action) planned to plan trees at Bulacan. Well, it's not my first time to participate in a tree planting activity but It was my first time to go to that area, so thought it's going to be like the other mountains that we went to. The type that has cemented ground or a handle to hold while trekking.But it was not that way. :P

So that guy I'm with me is my 'buddy' for the day. His name is Jason Pelayo :)). We were holding the plants that we'll be planting. So guys take note, we were still clean at that photo :))
Here were some of the plants that must be planted by the group,us, at the top of the mountain.

 At that picture, we never thought of the route having a river so we had no choice but to walk and let our shoes be wet>.<
You can never control life, even if they say you're the director of your own life.(Does it make sense?) I mean life in general. Our goal was to plant the trees at the top of the mountain and at the same time to be back safe and unscathed, if not clean. So when we started to trek , we didn't expect that the height or the slop of the mountain was steep and add that shoes we were wearing were wet already and the path of the mountain was really muddy. So many tumbled and slipped. Even I slipped for like 4 times, and almost fell of the cliff because it was slippery and somehow unmanageable. Thank you, buddy for saving me:).
 Anyhoo, I just want to point out that even if your plan is already planned out, your career path and goals and wishes. You can never really tell of what may come in the future. Of what the obstacles that are about to come. Ive learned that (aside from preserving and conserving our Mother Earth) you must be ready with all things, even if you have to face the dirtiest deeds of all.You must be ready to get down and fight for the stuff you want, even if it'll hurt you alot or make you sacrifice of other things. Your mind must be alert and make away on how to face the obstacles. Anyhoo, fun part of my eco-experience was when the rain poured. It was really fun because it's just is. It's like being a kid again but it's not just work but it's like we were now playing. It made the temperature cool enough to make us feel unstressed, stressed because of the slips and tumblings:))lol.

So that's us :P Look at the ground, our shoes were all stained by the mud:P

Rachelle :P --Andrew thanks for correcting me:)
Then Ms Tina Umali, one of the coordinators of COSCA. I love her to death, i mean like a daughter's love to her parents :P. She's one of the kindest people I know of and a model for us, girls, to be strong and empowered.:P

That's one of the path that was steep:)

The view from the top but we were still not there at the location.

That's all guys :P
(photos by Andrew Pamorada)

P.S i had a model experience yesterday, but i'mma blog them by the end of the day :P


DailyUpgradeWeekTwoDayTWO- Admitting who you are.

Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.  ~Homer

Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.  ~Harvey Fierstein

So , In order for me to be who I want to be, I have to own it and be it. Be the person that I want to be in the FUTURE. I have to claim so I know what should I do in order to be there. So here it goes...


With that, I know where I want to be. I know who I want to be. I know what to live for , to strive for and go for. The dream will come true.



Violet and Denim

So my school day started with a free cut from my first class, how annoying was that. I mean you have to wake up very very early then when you got there the professor didnt come :| I just hate that kind of stuff. Then I have to go to the COB Vice dean office for some stuff related to my grades (I'm not the perfect student , that's why I'm shifting. I hate programming and it's not my area of interest.) Thank God, the Vice Dean of COB was very nice to me. Unlike what happened to Ashley, she was interviewed by one of the Dept. Heads and I think she was traumatized but I told her to keep things positive.

Then Ashley and I had lunch at pasta place(thanks for correcting me ;P). I love their cream cheesy pork chop:P I'm so crazy for cheese, I know it's bad for my health but I only live once and we must eat until we can enjoy food.:P Then Ashley ate spaghetti with the Beef Pepperoni Pizza. Yum yum :D
Next stop my Theology class, I can honestly say that his lesson was very clear today :D haha or maybe i was really bored and made me listen hard to him:) and His powerpoints was clean and understandable. His previous ppts were full of pictures and neon font color, talk about having your eyes ached so much because of the lesson:))

Lastly, my Literature class, my professor made us buy any food and with that I had a feeling that she's going to ask us for a poem about the food. So I bought a bacon and egg sandwhich:)) It was really awkward to eat the sandwhich inside the classroom because in the first place students are not allowed to eat inside the classroom. So I ate it fast and made a freestyle poem about it:)) I find it corny because Ive used silly stuff to describe. I'll post it if she'll return our papers.

Anyhoo that's all for the day


If you listen too much to what people say about you, you will never be who you really are. --@ihateqoutes
Let passion take you the place where you want to be and you'll  be happy 
-Maureen Manuel

This is kind of late post, this was supposed to start yesterday but I need to catch up :D so for the task its ---->>>>>>>
Daily Upgrade Assignment #2 -
» 1. Recognize what your God-given talents/passions are.

So I've listed them yesterday and Ash thought that instead of scanning it, I should pose with it :D.
So what are the things that I think God gave me:)
1. My love and passion for Fashion.
- I know when I was a kid that I had 'it' within me, I was just not embracing it before because I was afraid of what people may say about me, like too shallow or materialistic, which I'm not. Fashion brought back the life in me when I was down and Fashion gave me a lot of learnings. It made me open on a lot of things, political, socio-civic and relationships. It gave me direction and Ive fought for it to some people,especially my parents that think fashion is a career for students that are lazy, which is not and Ive proved them that through my passion for fashion (I know it's a cliche phrase but I can describe it in any other way.) It made me feel happy especially when I make some people beautiful or confident about themselves. 

2. Serving and Having a Heart for Others.
Not all people know that I'm a Lasallian Volunteer. Voluntarism for me is a way of giving back your blessings ,that was given by God, and share them to the others that needs it. Voluntarism has molded me into a good person. It taught me how to socialize with different kinds of people from leaders, politicians to our brothers and sisters that are in need of help. I think that God give me this mission because He knows what i really feel about all this things. Growing up as an only child makes you want to have someone and care for them and I guess that made me want to participate in such activities.

3. Being Friendly
Ok, so I really love meeting new acquaintances and be with friends with them. I have this thing in me that I dont get shy to say hi or talk to a stranger (though my parents taught me not to talk to strangers but it's kind of fun anyway.) So when you see me around, say hi and I'll talk and greet you and make 'kulit' with you. That's how friendly I am.:)

I think that's it for now :D ,I might post the others on the other day :D
Gosh, this daily upgrade is fun and makes you go back to your roots and keep you reminded of the things you want to do in life like, goals and wishes and paths and decisions :)


Winning a Shoe

(photos. FashionLikeHeroin.blogspot.com viaHelenPearson)

What's with the shoes that I keep on lustin,coveting,desire or even cry myself out loud to mycousins when I'm sad. (well the last part is just an exaggeration :P)
For me, it's not just a pair of shoes. It's an iconography. It tells a person who they are, by their choice of shoes and how they wear them. Everytime , I get up and dress up for school, I always think of my shoes and the clothes that goes with them. Shoes make a look outstanding or a flop. Just sayin that I love shoes and I want to have a collection of it. Wearable or not :P

Winning a pair of shoes is like winning a lottery for me. It's like a treasure that everyone will see and admire at it, it's not just kept. If I win, I'll bring the shoes everywhere, to the store, school, malls . etc. Because if you have good ol' pair of shoes it has to be out there and savor every moment of it because the shoe designer designs to convey an idea and a statement.

So i'm keeping my finger crossed and I really want to win of these shoes , this is how i'm dedicated to shoes :P

DailyUpgradeWeekOneCatchUp (quick post and might be a long one)

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Instead ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
Dr. Howard Thurman

Sometimes, I think of posting stuff that are not *majorly* related to fashion and I think the Play With The Dolls, a U92 fm show, daily upgrade is a good way to start. So for their first assignment:
 Surround yourself with high energy people. :D
From the start of this year, I've been really keen into be surrounded by people that has a positive aura that keep my hype also. I think being surrounded with positively-minded people will make you also feel optimistic and hopeful for a brighter and better day.(Even if sometimes reality can be somewhat unbearable). I don;t want to be with someone who is really a pessimist or a downer, because he/she makes me feel groggy or sabaw or useless.

So before I start with the people that makes me happy or keeps me motivated or who has inspired from these past days/weeks/months/years, I've hang out with the most happy people and newly met friends , online. Actually, I've met some of them during PFW and Metrowear and Trilogy boutique's anniversary.

Taken by Shahani at Greenbelt 5. ( That's Andrew Ducay, Me, Ian Bautista, Mike Magallanes and Ziggy Savella) (I hope Nicole was in the picture too but she has to go with her family)

What I love and learned about these fab people is that live life to the fullest. Have fun and be yourself. I think that's what makes me feel alive when I'm with them. They're never afraid of what people might think of them. They're like my sisters already. I'm an only child and sometimes I long for a big ate or a little sister.

So first off:
My Best Bud, Ashley (Obviously :P)

Well, she's been there for me ever since college started. Lunchmate,seatmate ,groupmate and chatmate and also my photog and ka-chismisan and also shopping buddy, She's my go to girl. She never disappoints me nor be mad at me if i made something silly. She's honest and brutal to me, she really is a true friend. I dont know what will happen to me if she's not there. it's unimaginable.:P

My Mom :P

Well , my mom is the one who pushes me the most, even if sometimes I'm taking a career risk or she feels that is unimaginable for me to do. She's my mom and whenever I cry about something (my articles, scripts i made, scripts that didnt make it, she kept them all) I love my mom, even if sometimes I'm stubborn :D
My former boss, Vicky Herrera.
She's not only my boss, for me, but I've considered her as my mentor in life. She's the one who keeps on telling me to do what makes me happy whatever the stuff other people might say. She gave me opportunities to  test my creativity and make way for a new me. In my light years, I will never forget her. :)

So, those 3 girls in my life are the ones that made me the most. That pushed me and make me realized my potentials.I'm really grateful for meeting them in my life. >.< I actually have a lot but I've put the people that have influenced me the most,recently.

So with that, I want to end this blog post with a positive note. I'm keeping my head up high and be free and be happy in everything I do. Be more passionate and keep my head focus. That's All. :P


I simply covet and lust for these dresses :P

Atelier Versace Spring /Summer 2010
(Source. Fashionising.com)


Before I left my 'Summer Life'

You guys know that I was a former intern for Trilogy Boutique. When I started interning for this cool store, I really wanted to leave something that will still remind me of them :). I love my bosses, I love the people behind it.  But everything has an end. Anyhoo, during PFW, I talked to Vicky about a project, a look book for Trilogy. I was hesitant at first because , when I first asked about this to Ms. Carole if they can do this project, she said it's kind of vague or can't be done, for some reasons I cant remember now. But I dared myself to talk to Vicky at that event ( I know it's wrong to talk about business during this kind of events, but my instincts tells me to) and tell her my proposal and how can it be done.

Here it is :)
Styled by Loris Pena
Assistant - Me, yours truly >.<
Art Direction by Vicky Herrera
Make Up by Xeng Zulueta
Photography by Revo Naval
Click Me <<-- The whole lookbook
here are my favorites


You're not even required to like it , but you're required to consider it

Giselle Levy: That's Jackson Pollock. 

Susan Delacorte: In a word. 

Connie Baker: I was just getting used to the idea of dead, maggoty meat being art. Now this? 

Susan Delacorte: Please don't tell me we have to write a paper about it. 

Katherine Watson: Do me a favor. Do yourselves a favor. Stop talking, and look. You're not required to write a paper. You're not even required to like it. You *are* required to consider it. 

This is my fave scene of the movie. Mona Lisa Smile is one of my favorite movies about gender equality and ,also, about art. The story is about Katherine Watson who wants to be different and make a change. She's a newly hired art instructor at Wellesley College, which is one of the most conservative colleges in the state. The school where she is teaching have girls that are intelligent and smart. But being a traditional school ( it's set in 1950's) these girls are going for being married and not even to consider having a collegiate education. This is what i love about Ms. Watson, with her teaching methods and using art to convey her idea, she made them question themselves if they're really for being a traditional housewives. For Watson, she knew that they have potentials but they never thought of it because the girls were raised in way to be the perfect wives. Movie is telling us that what man can do , woman can also do it.

In the movie, men usually take the office-kind of jobs and girls are just for home , taking care of the babies. But I'm not saying that there's something wrong about being a wife and having kids. (I actually want to have my own family, but now...) In life , for me, there are opportunities that come in once in a lifetime, one in a million. And I guess that's what Ms. Watson wants to put it right here, that these girls are young and they should savor their youth and reach for their dreams, aside from having a family. Because when you have a family, you can't really do it , AT ALL. I can see my mom, I love her so much, and she has dreams of her own too, but she can't quite possibly do the stuff that she wanted because they have me. Now that I'm old and entering the world (almost) of the yuppies, I told my mom that she doesn't have to mind me ,that much, because I have of my own and she needs to be happy and go for what she wants.I dont know what she wants but I'll be happy for her. The movie talks about choosing what your paths and going for what we believe in.

In choosing our paths, and dreams to believe in, it's like saying whether a piece of article is an art or not. What makes it art, what makes it a good or bad art or just a piece of junk. The definition of art , for me, is vague. But I do know that it's something that makes us feel something, whether it's happy, sad, erotic or grotesque. There are actually no rules, nor standards. It's about us. No one has the right to direct your life or make you a slave or be the dictator of your own life. So whatever that makes you happy, contented and confident about, do follow it. Follow your heart because If you dont, all your life you'll be questioning yourself about how will it be if you've done this and that.

Ciao :P

( Photo and Script , IMDB.COM)

Weekenders :D

Last Saturday, I went out with my sisters  :D! I was with Karl and Mike and we were looking for a perfect something :)). I really didn't know what to buy :)). First, we went to Megamall to check on Forever21 but I didn't buy anything from there, maybe because I was overwhelmed :)) but I have to go back for 2 pairs of shoes there :)). Then we went to Glorietta and Greenbelt , and I bought the perfect something from the Ramp haha. It's cute but I won't post it here yet . Unless I wear it :)) maybe later this afternoon to meet Mr. Someone-Becoming-Special or , if not him, maybe Kuya Ram:)). 
Being surrounded with people who are artistic and never afraid to tell the world who they are , makes me feel that I can do the same kind of thing. I can't say that I don't want to conform (because I still feel that I'm conforming to some stuff only against it, haha do i make sense here :)) )

I love what my boss spoke about ,on air, about being surrounded by people with good positive vibes or just being happy ,'cause in return you kind of getting the same vibes from those types of people. It makes you (me)  feel that you( I) can do everything  You(I) want and/or need, even if it's hard or impossible. :)

This song keeps on ringing in my head but I love the message of it :D
Au Revoir, XOXO:P

Ending my Academic Week with A Smile

Big Announcment :D
I've passed my qualifying exams and interview for Marketing. Weee!!!!
After all those grueling days of waiting and thinking of giving up, it's all worth the wait.
Next term , I'll be a Marketing student :D no longer an Information Systems student. 
It's like my dreams and goals are just near for me to reach.
I know that I'll be facing a lot of accounting and paper works and adjustment to the crowd. But with all of those , I'm ready to face the challenge. I won't whine about how hard is the subject/s, but give my best and BE THE BEST.


been really busy for School :|

I'm really sorry because of not writing and leaving a journal to my blog. I've been busy for school and family stuff :(( I wish all of this will end soon. I just need to rest tonight. Been missing someone. It's so hard pala to have a crush for someone that is career-oriented. It's like not having a chance at all. I think I'm falling bit by bit towards him..OH NOOOOO!


CC shoot :D

Models preparing for their shoot.

Hi Philippe ^_^V. He's also a model and graced the runways previously in PFW Holiday2010. One of which wasYako Reyes.

Hi Chriscel and Jeng, hair stylist.

This is some of the girls clothes for the shoot.  I didn't take the male model's clothes because it was so many .

Now, it's my boss :D. The photos are beauty shots , Imagine Pond's Commercial :P

Last Saturday night, I was watching The Devil Wears Prada and I wonder if I can be Andy Sachs in real life, I mean my life being that way, being an assistant to someone influential and powerful , may it be not in the Fashion Industry. Then my boss called me. (haha connection?, wait till I finish this entry :P). Earlier that morning, I was asking her how am I supposed to build me portfolio and stuff , or if she knows how can I pull out stuff from people just to have a styling portfolio (which by now I think , a sign of desperation :)) and I dont want to do it that way), she said it's a tricky process , which I now believed. 

Then she called around 11:45. It was funny ,somehow, because I thought she accidentally dialed my number, I was not supposed to answer it, but my instinct tells me to answer it. There it was I had long photo shoot for models portfolio for CalCarries. On the first half of the day I was assisting Ryan , who also styling for Agua Bendita. It was fun working with him and I was amazed by array of stuff which he pulled out and own.(With that I need to have my own 'styling' closet :)) ) It was very lng, I was right to expect we will be done around 730. I also made friends with the models :)). Anyhoo, I need to go back to studying  again. I aspire to be a dean's lister this term.