My 2Bu Feature . Still so happy :D

This morning, my mom was really ecstatic about what she's reading at the newspaper and she keeps on nagging me for that matter. I , that I don't really give a damn because I just woke up, slowly got up from my bed and went to her and asked about what she's nagging me about. Then she showed me the 2bu section. And I screamed and I jumped for joy because my styling chops and the write-up I did for Trilogy, that I'm now interning for, is published. I was expecting to see just a half page but boy I was really surprised because It was 3/4 of the page. I still feel that I'm still in a dream and everything is really happening so fast. I'm really thankful to my boss for believing in me, Vicky, and I wouldnt be experiencing this kind of joy. The last two pictures are my faves for the shoot.

Make Up by Xeng Zulueta, Hair by Felicity Son and Photography by Revo Naval.

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