Mon Anniversaire

Tomorrow's my birthday but my family had decided to celebrate in an earlier date. That was last Wednesday at a resort here in Dasmarinas, Cavite. I'll be 19 yrs. old. Another chapter that's going to unfold by tomorrow.

So I've celebrated by birthday together with my Lola and ate Carol. My Lola's bday is on April 27, Carol's on April 29. Mine is May 1. Having a family like this makes me feel I'm loved and being taken care of by them. As what I've posted in my facebook account 'Mabuti ng single atleast May pamilyang nagamamahal sa akin'( It's better to be single if you have a family that loves me so much). They're always there if I have problems at school and supports me on whatever direction that I take. I'm blessed that I have a family like this.
That's me slicing the cake . Sorry I know I don't have that gorgeous body but I love who I am but I know being chubby is unhealthy for me because I love eating food , especially if I'm stressed.(You may kill me now, but I seriously love eating )

My tita took a picture of my back. Haha it doesn't look like I'm that chubby :D

That's my niece ,beside me. She's too shy to wear a monokini so she covered it up with a shirt and jersey shorts.
These are my cousins. Just having fun before going home.
To be honest, I've been having the birthday blues. I've been in the dark side of my room because I'm afraid of aging. I feel like I haven't done anything big in my teen years. It's like I've let it pass by me. I haven't experienced doing this and that. or i haven't experienced to shop like there's no tomorrow because my family  belongs to the middle class. So sometimes , I feel insecure about myself and envious bout other girls. But I just think of happy stuff to let it all go away. I hope being nineteen will offer me a lot of things to the stuff I haven't experienced. It's my last year to be a teen and have fun.


Flying Shoes :D

One of the things that inspire me to wear clothes  are shoes. They are my make or break moment for an outfit. When I saw these following pictures at this post, I got excited and I want it to share it to others.  Those shoes are inspired from Mercury, the messenger of the gods. As I've read it from a fashion blog, the inspiration is called Talaria or winged sandal. Some of the shoes are really artsy or as they say it a wearable art. and I agree to that. Imagine wearing those heels, especially the first Alexander Mcqueen picture, people will be looking at you and be speechless because of your shoes. >> I want to have that kind of moment in the future :))<< But in the Alexander Mcqueen shoes, you can still see the baroque design he'd used from his last collection.  I also love the Beatrix Ong shoes :D
This pair of shoes really got the shoe addict in me. It's to die for.

This pair is really gorgeous. If you want to be artsy but not as extreme as the first one, this one is for you.

This Beatrix Ong shoes are really subtle but still pretty. I love that this can be paired of with a lot of clothes , especially corporate ones.

This Marc Jacobs shoes is pretty too. I like the gold version better than the black one, below.

This Vivinne Westwod for Melissa are really cute and humorous. It's direct to the point in a way that there's an outright part of that says I'm-going-to-fly sandals :P

(Pictures from Fashionising.com)


Let's go back in time in skirts

 There is something about the circa 1940's - 1950's that I love . The fashion that time , for me, is really classic. It celebrate the women's body in a good way. I've read that the fashion during 1940's was greatly influenced by the effects of ww2. It became more conservative and the silhouette is simple, crisp and just the right length of the dress/skirt. Then in 1950's Dior brought in the full skirts.and the usage of different fabrics. It's more feminine and Frivolous. I've observed in certain pictures that the girls are more conservative , primp and proper. I also love how gloves were 'in' that time. I also love how the Hollywood stars dressed-up for those time. It's really something to emulate .
1940's Dresses
1950's Dresses

I feel that these girls came from 1940's because of the hemline. As if they're talking about boys here :D

Some gowns from 1940's. I really loved the back design.:D

This is a shot by Jonathan Logan, 1945.

A singer from those days.
I really love this gown. It's simple and elegant.

Harper's Bazaar April 1950

(Pictures from flikr)

Selena Gomez for KMART

I really admire Selena Gomez as an artist, actor and a singer. Now, she has her own collection for KMART. I just wish Philippines have Kmart. The collection is really youthful. Quirky and bubbly. Her collection is Dream Out Loud, back-to-school clothing line. I feel that this is going to be another hit . Congrats Selena :D

This reminds me of Vanessa from Gossip Girl

This is my fave :)

This is so 20's :D

This is perfect for Summer/Spring.

This looks shouts I'm-a-star-but-I-have-to-go-to-school look

So ,what do you think? Will this hit or not :)
(Pictures all from Just Jared)


My 'Perfect' Dream

Ok , not to be so conceited , I just like to praise my friend , Neil, have done to this picture. I appreciate it so much. Thanks again :D

Before I enter college, I had this dream that while I'm studying , I have a job as a fashion/ wardrobe stylist. But due to my current course, I don't have the luxury to do so because my course requires a lot of time tinkering and creating programs codes and lines. (That's why I'm going to apply to shift next term). Aside from that , I don't know where to start and my knowledge is quite in an average rate but I want to learn some more. So before I had 2 photoshoots ( amateur stuff ) and to help some friends too :D. But I like to do it again. Later this afternoon, I'll have that chance to show my passion for fashion, art and music and socializing with people. I just feel nervous because It's a first time for me to go to those kind of auditions. And I'm afraid about my age too , because I'll be turning 19 this Saturday but it says there they should be 13-18 yrs old. Technically, I'm still 18 yrs. old. I just hope it will be okay. >.< 

Ballerina Movement

This model is Freja Beha Erichsen. I got so inpired by this editorial from Interview Magazine for April 2010. These shots are taken by Craig Mcdean. By looking at the picture , it's an interpretation of modern ballerina. In my previous posts, I've mentioned before that I like movement/s in a photo , no matter what kind it is, may it be for fashion photography, random picture or advocacy pictures. And this one is really mind blowing ,for me, because I love how the dress  moves. Aside from it, the styling is really great, not to mention those killer shoes. It makes use of soft and edgy looks for spring. The idea of putting her some powder on her skin and on her shoes is a brilliant idea. It makes th shot somehow 'realistic.' Here are some photos that I like.
From Fabsugar.com
I love the lines that her body created from the picture above. It's kind of awkward, in a good way.

From Fashiononerouge.com
This is truly divine (photo above). The ribbon tail at the back of her dress emphasis the softness of the character even if her pose look 'stiff.'


Derek Lam's S/S 2010 Prints :D

Derek Lam's S/S 2010 Collection
I'm in a state of boregasm. I'm really bored and I don't know anything to do except for household chores( Yeah I do those ) But It made me look for some prints because it's summer and print-dress are the 'it' this season. Derek Lam's Collection caught my eye. It's really playful and flowy. It has the silhouette of 1940's fashion, which I love because it makes me look a lot thinner. The bags are also cute. I love the tassels in those bags. It's like ready to whip something fabulous.The shoes are to die for. t's like having a shoe-porn haha. I'm lusting for those shoes. I can walk on those with the ferocia girl in me :D
This is the shoes from the first photo above.
This is really pretty. :D Summer's take on oxford's look
Beige version of the last photo above.
This is a gladiator like platforms that I really like. I'll wear them even if it hurts(:D)

Photos courtesy of Style.com



Sometimes, I do feel I'm in cage because I feel that it's metal railings are the hindrance and obstacles in my life that makes me who I am.
Do you feel constricted or being limited to things that matter to you?
Because I do. I feel that I can't do the things I want to do. I feel like I'm being treated as a child.
I'm turning 19 in a matter of days but I still have issues with some important person in my life.
I f I can only say to them that they've brought me up in a right and acceptable way and they shouldn't worry on the activities that I do because I do know my limits.

Aside from that, some people think they know you well and can judge you as if they're your parents. I  just hate those kind of people. I've received some 'note' from someone last week. How dare you speak of that kind. One thing that I really want to say to that person, you're such a COWARD person. Show yourself to me and let us see who's more into 'it.' I'll never be discouraged to do what I love from the 'note' you left.

Another one is people try to question your decisions in life. I feel the concern of some people but some are just downright sarcastic. It's my life and life is full of choices. I'm the one who's going to experience it, either the result is bad or not.

Sometimes, I just wish that life is a bliss. No stuff or decisions to ponder on, but I thank those people that loves, care and judge me. Sometimes , I hope freedom is a reward that I'm going to work hard for it just not to have problems, but those things makes me who I am today and I'll pray for those people that spoils someone's happiness , I hope that you'll have fun on the career path you're going into.

Christian Louboutin's Fall Ad

These are some ads from Louboutin's Fall Collection. It might have not look so strong for the others but I love idea of the ads.  The ads reminds of some fairy tales that was once told to us by our mothers and grandmothers when we were little kids. The shoes looks like they're part of the story, or the scene of a part of that story. One here is kind of like from the story of  Beauty and the Beast. It's supposed to be a rose not a shoe. The other one is kind of tricky for me, It may have been inspired from Little Mermaid or Pirates of the Carribean (but I know it's not a fairy tale story, though it kinda looks like it.)
I forgot the part of class breaking in the beauty and the beast , but the shoes here can communicate to you. As if it's saying I'm magical and buy me. 
I love the colors at this picture. It's whimsical and it makes feel you're underwater and you can reach it or grab it because it's treasure.


The day that I hangout with my cousin ,Chesca

Last Monday, I met up with my Chesca. It has been 2 years since last December 2007. Now that she's about to  go to college, I thought of meeting her again and bond with her :)) yipee yay.
We were supposed to see 2 exhibits, one in csb and in the national museum. But due to some schedule conflicts , we decided to take some photos at the museum and then watch a movie, see my previous post. I've learned something from her . That is not to forget to have fun. Haha if I can only share it here what we've done that day at Greenbelt , you're going to laugh out loud haha. I see a very promising future for my cousin. :d
 Here are some photos from that day :D

Trying to be art-sy shot hahah

Something is coming up and i'm excited about it :D yipee yay I'll update you guys on my next blog :D


Dare to Flare ?

I've been following style.com since last year. I've been reading about style updates and what's hot and not in the fashion industry. It's fun reading articles not only about fashion but art and lifestyle as well. So now, they've posted about skinny jeans nearing its end in the fashion scene and hello to flare silhouettes. I believe that this look is refreshing but I think that only few body types can wear it , so I don't believe that skinnies will be out , but we'll see what happens in the coming months. Body types that can wear these are those who are tall and ,some curvy people. If a petite person will wear it , there's a probability that she might look smaller unless she has good style sense that can make her stand out.  Anyhoo here are some runway photos that I like that exhibits the flares.
(photo courtesy of style.com)
R-L(Chloe, Derek Lam, Emilio Pucci)
I love the Chloe flares. It reminds me of the 70's. It looks clean and sophisticated.
The Derek Lam's is for the corporate chic but I love the flared pants it's edgy and can be paired with a lot of tops.
Emilio Pucci's design is more for the fashionistas that are not afraid to be noticed.The pants are cute but you have to be confident and sassy to don those pants.
 I've created my own version of the look :D

So are you lovin' the look or not?
Are you ready to rock those outfits?


Diary of the Wimpy Kid

Yesterday, I've watched this movie with my very very pretty cousin, Chesca aka Tina. This movie is about a boy who wants to be in the top of the food chain or in a direct person's dictionary is to be popular. But he ends up being at the bottom. It's such a hilarious movie and it's somehow makes sense. The movie's theme is about being yourself. I think  Greg is a trying hard person , in a bad way and maybe that's the reason his fellow classmates hates him. There are some scenes that are funny , one was he's in the washroom and then ,because of shock, he peed at his brother , Roderick. Super super funny:D hahaha I know it's a pre-teen or children's book but I might actually read the series. :D


Style Posts Again

I love this first look:D I'm inlove with corsets, It is sexy with a touch of being sophisticated. She's not trying hard to make someone look/like/lust over her :))

To be honest I'm not lovin' all those harem pants but this one made me think twice :D.
For me harem pants makes buts go bigger but i guess with proper styling and confidence it's a good way to go.

comments are highly appreciated :D


My Vacation Starts Tomorrow !!!!

Thank God, my term just ended awhile ago. Just hoping for decent grades. Gawd , I hope I'll get the grades that i deserve. Anyhow, I was supposed to pass an audition video for a contest but I didn't not push through because I lack time to edit the video. But I do have some photos that are decent enough to be my look-for-the-day post it's. But before that I want to share the stuff inside my bag :D

So my bag contains a lot of stuff :D
a. phone
b. my bdj planner
c. my notebook
d. wallet
e. my vanity kit
g.pencil case
h. rosary
So that's why i do have a lot of big bags because I always bring all of them even if I'm going to my Tita's house or mall.

This is me try to put on a make-up haha

one of my fave pics of the day. I look so young here :D


the air just kept on lifting my hair up.


Ash and I goofing around

(all photos by Ashley Silva)
Hope you like the pictures :D