My 'Perfect' Dream

Ok , not to be so conceited , I just like to praise my friend , Neil, have done to this picture. I appreciate it so much. Thanks again :D

Before I enter college, I had this dream that while I'm studying , I have a job as a fashion/ wardrobe stylist. But due to my current course, I don't have the luxury to do so because my course requires a lot of time tinkering and creating programs codes and lines. (That's why I'm going to apply to shift next term). Aside from that , I don't know where to start and my knowledge is quite in an average rate but I want to learn some more. So before I had 2 photoshoots ( amateur stuff ) and to help some friends too :D. But I like to do it again. Later this afternoon, I'll have that chance to show my passion for fashion, art and music and socializing with people. I just feel nervous because It's a first time for me to go to those kind of auditions. And I'm afraid about my age too , because I'll be turning 19 this Saturday but it says there they should be 13-18 yrs old. Technically, I'm still 18 yrs. old. I just hope it will be okay. >.< 


  1. Did you do it? Go girl... even just for the experience. Do it so that you won't regret not being able to do what you like in the future. xoxo

  2. haha yeah I did. haha i got so nervous but I hope i got the part :)