Revamp and Reinvention

If you haven't notice, my blog has a new look and feel. Finally, I've achieved what I want for my blog, thanks to Blogger Draft, it's easy to customize and make the blog me. Especially the background, before I just want a fashion illustration where the girls are walking towards the endpoint of a runway, and this is it. Speaking of revamping , it also tantamount to reinvention. I'm planning to shift to another course by  first term , I don't want to say which course it is but , this time, I'll be pursuing what I really want from the start. It's going to be  stepping stone for my dreams, one of which is becoming a part of the industry that i dream to be in , the Fashion industry.

I've been using the fashion industry as part of my business report stuff at school , on how they operate , the in's and out's of it. The strategies being used. But then I realized , one time that I want more than this then some incident happened that made me go back to this industry . I saw this description of me by one of my classmates in my yearbook, it says there " Maui is someone who has a passion for fashion." It made me see myself that I'm not really happy at my life right because of the course I'm taking. It's been a hell for me. It's not fit for me, especially if some people are really good and it hurts my pride because I've done all my best but ,still, here I am , a mediocre worst a failure to my family.

I dont care what will people say about my decision.It's my life and i'm a designer and director of my life. And only God is my critic. With all of this , I'm planning to reinvent myself also and be a better version of Maureen. So just wait because I'm going to be reaching for my dreams.

Au Revoir

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