The day that I hangout with my cousin ,Chesca

Last Monday, I met up with my Chesca. It has been 2 years since last December 2007. Now that she's about to  go to college, I thought of meeting her again and bond with her :)) yipee yay.
We were supposed to see 2 exhibits, one in csb and in the national museum. But due to some schedule conflicts , we decided to take some photos at the museum and then watch a movie, see my previous post. I've learned something from her . That is not to forget to have fun. Haha if I can only share it here what we've done that day at Greenbelt , you're going to laugh out loud haha. I see a very promising future for my cousin. :d
 Here are some photos from that day :D

Trying to be art-sy shot hahah

Something is coming up and i'm excited about it :D yipee yay I'll update you guys on my next blog :D

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