My Interesting Finds

As I've promised, I'll be posting the looks that I like today :D 
First, this is Patricia Castillo . I love the simplicity of this look. To add color, she used colored Ray Bans and a gold clutch. I love the idea of the shirt that it came from her mom's closet. I get some stuff to from my Mom :))

This is Mae-Ann, she's a friend of an acquaintance. I love how girly and refreshing her look is. It really gives me the idea of Summer. Check my blog on monday for my first summer look :D

This is Juchin. She's donning a gingham dress. It's the it dress of the season. It's really old school and I love her flats. Before , I didnt appreciate those kind of design of shoes. But now, I love them :D

I really love this look so casual and not trying hard but I like the way her top can make you look .again, at her.


Quite busy

Sorry guys. I haven't written anything since last Saturday because I have a lot of projects , academic , and my net is a bit --suck-ish. Though , I've been posting my pictures for lookbook.nu. It's quite addictive. So , if you have an account just check out some of my looks. And if you don't have an account , just comment your email address and i'll invite. That's how good I am  :)). Anyway , here's one picture.

Dress:Vintage, Shoes:Xtra, Belt:DeptStore, Bag: Came from Tita :D

I promised to post all of the people i find so interesting for this week on Saturday. Till next time


Painstakingly Beautiful

Last post was about purple oxford shoes. I've worn them to the Slim Lecture series this afternoon. They're beautiful but its difficult to walk in them. Though I have to pretend to stay as sassy as I can be. The topics this afternoon were interesting. It was about the Philippine Costumes and how they've evolved through time. I love the Maria Clara silhouettes and some ternos too. I've met a lot of people too from the series that I was in . I hope i can still you guys :((. I hope we can bring back the times that Filipinos have these balls and parties:(. Anyhoo , here are the photos for the day. Sorry , i can't write that much because I'm just sad because I might not be able to see some people. :(( 

I'm wearing Pink Military jacket from jag , Violet tank top from Hanes, Skirt < secret> Shoes from Janeo

I love taking pics of my feet :D

This is National Artist Badong Bernal. He discussed about how western and eastern culture of dressing influenced Filipino way of dressing. 

This is one of his slides about Filipinos adapting to change.

This is Mr. Panlilio . He discussed about how Illustrados socialize. And the aftermath world war 2 in the country .

Au Revoir


Purple Oxford Shoes :D

This shoes are like candy to me,  four inches peep toe oxford shoes. Good luck to me for tom :P  As they say, sometimes , fashion means no comfort :D

My Interesting Finds

Here's Melisa , remember her from my previous post , I like how she put some color to her outfit. It's not dull and boring. Her shirt is really eye catching. Her flats are also interesting. The shoe looks  like the colorful mat (banig).

This is Nynke Sarmiento. Aside from the gorgeous name of hers , I love this look because it's sporty and it has character into it. I've asked her top 3( but 2) accessories and she answered , her black wooden rosary and the 'baller'. It is because those 2 were given by her boyfriend. How sweet , noh? :D

This is Murphy Katigbak. At school , she's like a sister to me. I really love her style. It's very 80's but with a touch of the present time. I love how casual this look it is. It's simple but a head turner.

Ok , when I saw this girl , I said to myself I should feature her in my blog.She's Alexis Lao. Why? Because her style is really street. I can't think of anyone who can pull this outfit altogether. She said that her style is inspired from Japanese Pop culture. And we all know how fashionable Japanese people are. Her jeans and top were from Thailand,Boots and bag  were from Hongkong .

This Week's Roundup pictures

It has been a very fast week for me. Though it didn't hinder me from taking photos and finding people who have 'it.' I really love what i'm doing now. I really appreciate those students who can still dress up even if there's a pile of workload and tasks to do.(After this post, i'll blog about those 2nd batch of photos that are really interesting. :D Imagine  a student who has 18 units of subjects . Having online meeting during wee hours , worst not to be able to sleep. Then , she also have subjects that as if they're the major subjects. But can still look good and sassy. My point is, even if you're busy, don't forget to look good and have fun. Cause ,when you forget all of those , expect age lines to come out.

(I've don brown khaki shorts, then an old shirt from my mom's closet then vest from penshoppe and shoes form schu)

Here's Kristian. He's one of my friends from the freshmen batch. :D . He's taller than me haha

That's Richmond, he's like a hug-gable bear for me. But he's one of the funniest. :D

Chuck is checking out something here.

The city scape from the elevator from the 18th floor :D


Due to boredom and being patient...

My friend introduced me to this site named Polyvore. It's a site where I can make my own 'set' of clothes and layout them just like in the fashion magazines. It's really fun and addictive. You guys should try it too.

Disclaimer my polyvore sets were envisioned by me wearing them :)) . It's like my virtual closet :))
The first thing that I really loved was this set.
I love wearing shorts because it makes feel  comfy then I mixed it up with the brown booties to make itlook edgy yet casual.

The second set was for a school girl me. A preppy Maureen. I hope I'm not that fat so i can wear these :))

Lastly. It was inspired from Blair Waldorf. I've imagined her in a summer getaway . And , I think she'll wear this for one of those days.

You  should try polyvore. It's really fun to do haha


Different Persona of shoes :D

I do believe that shoes have their own persona. That's why there's a different pair of shoes for a different ensemble outfit. Sometimes the shoes speak for itself, noh.
 Like for example , Sneakers, if you'll see them , you're going to think of wearing it with shorts, or skirt ,that's the length is decent enough to wear, or with jeans. As if , it tells you what to pair it with.

Another example , for this oxford cut out shoes. Aside from the fact that this pair makes me think of Paris, if you're going to wear this, you really have to prep-up or else , the whole outfit will fail. I tell you, ive seen people wear this in a wrong way.

In the end, it's still up to us how to interpret those shoe messages :D

Cutie Dog Bag :D

Sorry , It's kind of blurry , but can you see how adorable that bag is. SERIOUSLY, it makes me smile whenever I see that bag during the day. I believe, this bag is a statement piece :D

'Nine' Bag

I love how this bag pops out of the wardrobe ensemble. Scene Stealer indeed :D

Let me tell you the story of my day