McQueen forever and Ever (FRTW2010)

Last March 9 , 2010 in Paris , France, was the day of the runway show for the last collection of our late , fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. I thought this wouldn't be shown forever or something. I really love the design aesthetics of this man. If you'll click the picture below , and zoom it in, you could see in the picture how crafty and  the detail are very intricate. At a first glance , you wouldn't notice the print that he made( or asked someone to reproduce it). If you're studying or a patron of paintings , you might see gothic and romantic paintings printed on them. I didn't include the other one which reminds me of the Celtic art because the prints look likes they've got it from illuminated manuscript. I think its kind of a genius to work something beautifully before you leave this world, generally speaking. It's as if he left a mark to us that even though he's not there anymore , his legacy will continue.

Pictures from Style.com
the pictures that ive posted above are my favorites. I really love the dress with fethered bodice and  multi-layered tulle with embroidery. I'm having this feeling  that one of his works will be part of Smithsonian Art Collection. :D

Au Revoir

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