Due to boredom and being patient...

My friend introduced me to this site named Polyvore. It's a site where I can make my own 'set' of clothes and layout them just like in the fashion magazines. It's really fun and addictive. You guys should try it too.

Disclaimer my polyvore sets were envisioned by me wearing them :)) . It's like my virtual closet :))
The first thing that I really loved was this set.
I love wearing shorts because it makes feel  comfy then I mixed it up with the brown booties to make itlook edgy yet casual.

The second set was for a school girl me. A preppy Maureen. I hope I'm not that fat so i can wear these :))

Lastly. It was inspired from Blair Waldorf. I've imagined her in a summer getaway . And , I think she'll wear this for one of those days.

You  should try polyvore. It's really fun to do haha

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