been lately looking for shoes.

Ok , after my midterm defense , I've been thinking that I should reward myself so new shoes. Then , while I was looking for my candidates. I've found these following shoes from VNC at MOA. I've managed to look for the pictures of some of their shoes. I'll be back at the mall to buy a pair of shoes and you guys will see what pair of shoes have won my attention. First , why did i like them?
This first pair makes me feel dainty and girly. It also reminds me of being a Pinoy because of the abaca like fabric that was used at that shoe. I love how high these shoes are. But I'm still thinking of the practical side of it , because when i buy something , I want to make sure I can match it to 2-3 ensemble. But if you're girly enough . Go and buy these shoes. :P

This second pair of shoes is really casual and I know it will match to any outfit that I want. Especially , it looks so sexy but the garter like straps makes the look balance.

Ok , I honestly think that these shoes makes my feet look good and proportional. I have a big pair of feet , kasi :D. I want shoes that makes my feet look small and petite.  It looks so chic too. If Serena from gossip girl will shop here at Philippines , I believe these shoes will be one of Serena's Checklist to buy.

This last picture , has this eclectic flair to me. It's earthy and perfect for summer. I love the braid detailing of the shoes. Something is really unique from these pair of shoes.

I really love VNC's design on shoes and they cater to women who looks for adventure.why so? because every shoe design, that they have , has its own personality to it. :D

Pictures from vncphil.multiply.com

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