My day as a free peep :D

I've been trying to do these kind of stuff but can't . Now, I've done it already, Streetblogging.. It's kind of hard to do it here in our country because Pinoy style is reall different from the Western people, because they do a lot of layerings and if someone will do it. People may think that person is crazy or something. Because the temperature in the country is really HOT. What more on the coming days . So Pinoys are more on fabrics which are light. Or anything with shrts, I think?
After taking a snap, I've asked some questions to them:
1. Define your style.
2/ Top 3 Accessories

Name: Christine Sadural
Occupation : 2nd Year Student, DLSU
Top: Rave Girl
Necklace : Nuiclothing.multiply.com
Bottom and Shoes : Unknown
Bag: Jane Norman

1. I don't have a definite style but when I dress up it will depend on my mood.
2. Necklace - It makes a statement ,even it will be paired with a simple shirt.
    Rings - Accentuates every outfit.
    Red lipstick - It brings out the vixen in me, para di dull ( for it won't be dull)

Name: Melisa Tiu
Occupation: Student , 1st year DLSU
Cardigan: Bossini
Baby doll top : Folded and Hung
Leggings: Unknown
Gladiator Flats : Payless

1.Preppy Chic
2. Necklace and Bracelets - It makes my outfit look ok.
    Bag - To put my stuff in it.

Name: Twinsy Adajar
Occupation: Student, 1st Year DLSU
Top : Tiendesitas
Skort: Frenchtoast
Leggings : Bread and Butter
Shoes : Chuck Taylors

1.Anime Inspired
2.Head bands - To make my hair fun and not boring to look at.
  Watch - For time keeping
  Neck tie - It balances most of my outfits. 

Name : Hiro Mejia
Occupation: Student, 1st year, DLSU
Vest: Daniel Hetcher
Polo: Attitudes
Cargo pants from Japan
Shoes from DC
1. Unique and it's a combination of different styles, sometimes.


  1. i look very awkwardly old and small and fat and plain. hahaha. But thanks for featuring me here :)

  2. that's why i told u that i want to shoot you again. kaso u left early during our class >.< hehe i'll feature you again :D