My Interesting Finds

As I've promised, I'll be posting the looks that I like today :D 
First, this is Patricia Castillo . I love the simplicity of this look. To add color, she used colored Ray Bans and a gold clutch. I love the idea of the shirt that it came from her mom's closet. I get some stuff to from my Mom :))

This is Mae-Ann, she's a friend of an acquaintance. I love how girly and refreshing her look is. It really gives me the idea of Summer. Check my blog on monday for my first summer look :D

This is Juchin. She's donning a gingham dress. It's the it dress of the season. It's really old school and I love her flats. Before , I didnt appreciate those kind of design of shoes. But now, I love them :D

I really love this look so casual and not trying hard but I like the way her top can make you look .again, at her.

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