Slim Talking :P

Ok , I just got home from the Slim Higgins Talk held at National Museum. I learned a lot from it. First, I was toured around the Slim Exhibit by Jeffrey Marso, thanks by the way if you're reading this. He's one of the people who built up the whole exhibit. He explained to me every details of the couture gowns.

Ok haha
The gown that caught my eye was the black cocktail dress which kind of China-esque feel due to the print. And another trivia, Slim was the one who started the bubble skirt. haha That's what Jeffrey told me:P. But after seeing those gowns, it made me proud as a Filipino once more. I've never seen such cuts, silhouettes on the editorials of Vogue and Harper Bazaar. Its truly Pinoy. I hope someone in the new generation of Filipino Designers will continue that legacy.

I've met some new acquaintances Nikki and Jeffrey and their company, they're students under Slims school. Then Ms. Liza Arrabella and her friend >.< sorry i forgot her name na :( But miss liza is an auditor of national museum haha. I was telling her that the next time i'll come to national museum, i'll contact her to guide me through the whole museum.

Ok. The speakers were Amir Sali and Patis Tesoro. Another reason to be proud , again. I literally died, when I saw their hand made embroideries a.k.a bespoke. You can truly see the craftsmanship incorporated in those works. Wish i can share pictures with you guys , but something is wrong with bluetooth app.

Anyway till next Slim's Talk.

Au Revoir

p.s next update will be about Alice in Wonderland. I'm just looking for the pictures of the costumes because they're really amazing

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