This Week's Roundup pictures

It has been a very fast week for me. Though it didn't hinder me from taking photos and finding people who have 'it.' I really love what i'm doing now. I really appreciate those students who can still dress up even if there's a pile of workload and tasks to do.(After this post, i'll blog about those 2nd batch of photos that are really interesting. :D Imagine  a student who has 18 units of subjects . Having online meeting during wee hours , worst not to be able to sleep. Then , she also have subjects that as if they're the major subjects. But can still look good and sassy. My point is, even if you're busy, don't forget to look good and have fun. Cause ,when you forget all of those , expect age lines to come out.

(I've don brown khaki shorts, then an old shirt from my mom's closet then vest from penshoppe and shoes form schu)

Here's Kristian. He's one of my friends from the freshmen batch. :D . He's taller than me haha

That's Richmond, he's like a hug-gable bear for me. But he's one of the funniest. :D

Chuck is checking out something here.

The city scape from the elevator from the 18th floor :D

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