Painstakingly Beautiful

Last post was about purple oxford shoes. I've worn them to the Slim Lecture series this afternoon. They're beautiful but its difficult to walk in them. Though I have to pretend to stay as sassy as I can be. The topics this afternoon were interesting. It was about the Philippine Costumes and how they've evolved through time. I love the Maria Clara silhouettes and some ternos too. I've met a lot of people too from the series that I was in . I hope i can still you guys :((. I hope we can bring back the times that Filipinos have these balls and parties:(. Anyhoo , here are the photos for the day. Sorry , i can't write that much because I'm just sad because I might not be able to see some people. :(( 

I'm wearing Pink Military jacket from jag , Violet tank top from Hanes, Skirt < secret> Shoes from Janeo

I love taking pics of my feet :D

This is National Artist Badong Bernal. He discussed about how western and eastern culture of dressing influenced Filipino way of dressing. 

This is one of his slides about Filipinos adapting to change.

This is Mr. Panlilio . He discussed about how Illustrados socialize. And the aftermath world war 2 in the country .

Au Revoir

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