Symmetry between Edgy and Feminine

I really can't get over by the two collections I saw yesterday. John Paras Holiday Collection and Veejay Floresca Holiday Collection. But , First I really love Veejay's vision about his collection. I saw balance in it. It's diverse, in a way that it's not all black or it's not all colorful. Truly, he is making clothes for different types of women. It's really feminine but there's this x-factor in it that will urge you to look again and admire every detail , every movement his dress makes. All I can say is, FEROCIA !! - fierce and makes women feel strong and in control. Congrats, Sir Veejay :)

Here are my favorites:
(photos by Bruce Carmona and Dave Zamora)
I love this dress, It's like a Greek Goddess but wears black and it's sexy :)

The silver brocade fabric is gorgeous.

I would totally wear this, this looks fun and flirty (in a good way).

I love the splash of color, it's design fits the color.

This look so powerful :D

I love the the styling of this and the crumpled effect took another level of being primp and proper :D

P.S I met Karl Leuterio :D


Dior French Flavor

I really love John Galliano's vision about women's body. Everytime, he designs for every season there's this whimsical and feminin effect to his collection. It's like every woman's fantasy to wear such frock. For his Resort collection which he presented in China, I totally agree with him about bringing a collection inspired from French fashion to China because to have Asia to feel what's the feeling about wearing a french-inspired clothes. He truly captured it and the pop of colors is really cool. It's refreshing and fun. The photo below are my fave out of those 54 piece collection. Next Stop Philippine Fashion week reviews :D


Une homme :D

I love Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes and bags but I ADORE HIS ADS.
The recent ads from the line are very charming, considering the fact that this is the hottie AndrĂ©s Velencoso Segura.   
Making him as a platform of shoes looks cute. I mean , do you, girls, feel any chills or lovely spark if this is the guy untying or holding your feet. Anyhoo , have to go back to my tasks :P Thoughts? :D


Actresses on Editorials

Here are some actresses that are really good that they can also be as high as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell can be as being a model. They're really dramatic and kind of mysterious. It looks like it's a screen cap of one of their movies. But, what do you guys prefer models or celebrities posing for editorial shots or for brand campaign ads. In general I would rather invest for good or pro-models because they know how can be edgy or experiment on what to do or what to pose. But some celebs are exception to that notion. Like Keira and Cate. They're really hi-fashion and inspiring. What's your opinion about this, dear readers? :)
Keira Knightley for Elle Russia June 2010

 W Magazine, Cate Blanchett for June 2010 issue



June Pugat is one of my friends I met recently and the funny thing about is I found him in facebook through Popo Go's event page for PFW. I was looking through because I've heard and seen Popo Go's work on ads and on some artists of ABS-CBN. Then an inkling told me to check on Pugat's fb account then I found this very beautiful dress and the hand painted fabric of that dress is breathe taking. I can't post it here because it'll be part of his collection for the upcoming PFW holiday 2010, part of Grand Allure Show. I love the inspiration of that dress. He said that it's about resurrecting the Medici family. I understand why he named it that way because during the Renaissance period the Medici family were the ones that keep, preserve and order painters to do portraits and art related stuff. I believe that we should be like the Medici family. Preserving art and developing and supporting artists more. Fashion is art. And Pinoy Designers need support from the government and private financing partners. I believe in the next years to come, Pinoy designers will up their game and be known around the world. Anyhoo, here's some works of June from PFW 2007. :D 
I love the cutout detail of this gown and the shawl is overly dramatic.

I love the back detail of this gown :D

I love the idea of using copper instead of the usual gold/silver fabric for evening dresses.

I never thought that he's behind the clothes of some ads of Avon :D
This is Nikki Gil and the dress is so mod :D I envision Twiggy wearing this too.

Ms. Angel Locsin.

I'm really looking forward for his collection. It's really promising, seeing the hand painted and origami like draping. It's something be talk about. FYI, he made a dress for Sarah Maier-Albano to wear in one of the episodes for Philippine Fashion Week Tv.:P


I love editorial shots that are theatrical, lots of color or with uber edgy clothes. Here's my favorite for this week. First set is from Elle Russia for June issue. Model: Isa Askl.The second set is for May issue , I forgot the name of the magazine but I got them all at fashionising.com.

The thing that i love the most about this set is how the background connects with the model. I know there should be always a story behind editorials, but I have a different feeling for this one. It looks realistic and the color of the sea and walls is spectacular. The styling is great too. I love the dress in the 2nd picture.

The second set is cute. I mean the clothes and the model is like camouflaging. They literally blend in the scenery. I also love the styling and the hair of the model.

I find this pic so 70's-ish and I love the shoes:D
This is the pic where she blends in with the wall. Tres Chic :D

Risk Taker Carrie

I'm excited to see this movie and it'll be shown here in the Philippines on June 2, 2010. I'm loving the excerpts and the fashion that was used throughout the movie. I really Love Carrie because she's a risk taker. Most of her stuff from the movie( even from the series) are really hard to pull off but she make it work. She's also a trendsetter (duh Sarah Jessica Parker). They say that in this film , new trends (or will comeback) will be set again from this film. The white halston dress. Instead of going to a function in LBD's, many (might) will go for a white dress/mini/maxi. Also, the dresses that are light and flowy because some of their pics in desert scene are mostly flowy. And the full skirt( i think designers and some people are tired with body cons and short dress) looks amazing on Carrie. Anyhoo, Here are some excerpts from the film. I got them from Fabsugar.com. 
Will you go to a market wearing Dior full skirt? That's just fantabulous :D

My cousin's debut is in the works for next year but I want to fix and arrange it for her but in the event function , I'll wear something similar to the skirt. A mohawk dress, shorter in the front, longer in the back. :D

The 4 friends in their very distinct styles.

This is Carrie and Bid D's closet. Talk about huge walk-in closet.


School days are going to start again this May 31st, but mine starts on June 1st because of Tuesday-Thursday, and I haven't planned the stuff I'll be wearing. I mean hello, I only have 2 days of school stuff and I dont want to look dull this upcoming academic year. So I'm planning to buy some fabrics and let someone make me a dress :D.(Will ask some of seamstress to do it perfectly for me). Ad I'm planning to go for skirts :). I mean they're easy to wear and hassle free. I have to wake up early, bathe fast and dress fast and eat breakfast,if I won't do it in fast manner , I might be caught in a traffic jam. Philippine Traffic is one of the worst traffic systems in the world, for me. So dresses and skirts are just easy to get in with. :P
So here's my inspiration for some dresses .

I'm really going for sweet heart neckline and I love this dress because it's really playful and I love the tulle detail underneath it.

My mom really likes me wearing this kind of frock because it makes me look taller and leaner.And I agree with her.:)

I love the Zipper detail of this Urban Outfitter's dress. I need it to have an illusion that I have boobs :))
Same goes for this one.

For the shoes, I'm opting for flats and wedges. So I can freely go to every stuff I need. Shifting papers, work stuff, and acads and possibly SC work.

Project Mamau!

I mentioned before that I really want to pursue my designing dreams, which is more for shoes. And I was talking to my dad about it and the idea of having my own shoe business and he agreed that I should go for it. Thank God, because I think my parents see that I really want to be in the business and I'm now excited and happy about it. Awhile ago, my mom told I should've gone taking a fashion design course , in the first place. Haha funny though because they're the one who taught that idea sucks, before I entered college. I told my mom after my conversation with my dad about the shoe business I'm going to have, probably by next year(I'll explain why next year, later), that I'm really happy because I already have the blessings of my dad to do want I really want to do. He told me he's going to support me about it and ,while studying in DLSU, let me take classes about design and styling and merchandising. Because DLSU doesn't have any elective that caters to fashion.

Ok. Why project mamau?
Because it's about me posting my sketches , mood boards bout my 'dream, or any stuff related to project mamau:D.

And also feature my fave shoe designers, local or international shoe designers.
Although, I'll post some stuff about fashion and others but it'll not be part of project mamau.:D
Gee, I miss blogging. I have a lot of work and also PFW is coming up and Trilogy's anniversary is coming. But I promise to blog and blog and post some of my sketches. Disclaimer: I'm not really a good illustrator but I need to 'illustrate' my ideas so i'll not forget it.:D

Anyhoo, One of my fave designers, for shoes, is Cesar Gaupo for Gaupo shoes. I always tell to myself that when I graduate I want to wear couture shoes from him. I don't care if I'll be wearing a simple LBD to make it up for the price but If I have the perfect shoes for my grad, I'll be happy to walk through the stage and take my diplome, with or without honors. I really admire his designs because of two things. 1. It's really simple, cassic and elegant and 2. It's Pinoy. :D
I heard that he might have a master class at SliMs for shoe design, and I really hope for that, and I want him to be my mentor :D. Please , can somebody introduce me to him >.<

Here are some of his latest work.
This is good for corporate attire , if you're going to add some sassiness to a simple polo-high waisted pencil skirt.

I love to wear this with a black asymmetrical dress that the length of the dress is 3 inches above the knee.
I love the lines and the simplicity of it. It is not trying hard to get your attention but it's work a second look.


Style Your 'Soul' :D

 Yesterday was a blast ,for me. Because I never had felt this kind of artistic aura around me. The event was called Style Your Sole by Toms Shoes hosted by Trilogy. It's an event where people come together to express their artistic expression by designing their own Toms shoes and ,at the same time, help children to have their own pair shoes. Since, Toms shoes started with the foundation of every purchase of Toms shoes ,Toms will give a pair to a child in need. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, not only you have your very own and unique shoes, you also help a kid to have shoes and prevented him into having infections and diseases caused by being barefooted.

There were a lot of people and personalities attended the event. It's great to see people come together for a cause like this one and seeing them happy while designing and painting their stuff. :D

These are some of the shoes from TOMS. We kind of arranged them in that way because they're really REALLY cute :))

Talk about being Nationalistic. This is SO COOL. It can really make heads turn because of the color.

This is one of my favorites because the pink 'character' looks happy ----->> so random of me :D

Anyhoo till next time

(Photos by Chris Canela)


I love my job :D

Disclaimer: Quick post since I like to sleep already but my mind and my hands are moving and they like to 'voice-out' every stuff they like people to hear and see.

So,I haven't posted anything since last Sunday because of some personal stuff that matters to me. Family always comes first, right? and I just like to sleep and rest after dealing with those stuff. But then again , I may be sad and lowly and down from my previous weeks but God will always let you know that you can come through it and He'll give you another chance to be happy , move on and live your life back, and face more challenges ahead of you. 

I just came home from my work, as an intern at Trilogy and I survived my first day :D Yipee Yay :)) =)) I had fun and learned a lot and observed how things are being done there. My boss are so kind and fun to be with , so I had no problem adjusting to the environment and with them. Ok, I admit I was a bit starstruck ,at first, because of the people who goes there.(omg my boss might be reading this :D ) Anyhoo, I'll post some photos from the event awhile ago by tomorrow because my co-intern took all of them and he's in charge with taking pictures.
Ok, now I can't wait to see Sex and the City 2. I love the movie and the series because of the clothes and stuff there but I also love the plot. It's the original 'gossip girl' genre or ,for me, the real deal of a chic-movie. 
I just wish that there'll be a movie again, like Devil Wears Prada, that is really close to the fashion world. I believe ABS-CBN, local television station here in the Philippines, will produce a tv series that is related to fashion. Anyhoo, I believe some shoes at SATC2 are designed by Brian Atwood, one of my fave shoe designers.

Au Revoir,


Just Another Saturday

Last Saturday,we were supposed to take a video for something but my cam was having some technical difficulties. Then my friend was supposed to take some body shots of me (just for audition sake photos, but we ended up having a mini shoot.

Dress, Thrifted. Belt from SM Dept. Shoes from Parisian. Cardigan ,SM dept.

It was really hot that day that I ended up keeping my cardigan inside my bag. I though it was going to be a windy day because when i left my house it was windy. :D Anyhoo the I'll be busy with the video thingy within this week. Also within this week, will be looking for a factory that makes shoes. :D