Style Your 'Soul' :D

 Yesterday was a blast ,for me. Because I never had felt this kind of artistic aura around me. The event was called Style Your Sole by Toms Shoes hosted by Trilogy. It's an event where people come together to express their artistic expression by designing their own Toms shoes and ,at the same time, help children to have their own pair shoes. Since, Toms shoes started with the foundation of every purchase of Toms shoes ,Toms will give a pair to a child in need. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, not only you have your very own and unique shoes, you also help a kid to have shoes and prevented him into having infections and diseases caused by being barefooted.

There were a lot of people and personalities attended the event. It's great to see people come together for a cause like this one and seeing them happy while designing and painting their stuff. :D

These are some of the shoes from TOMS. We kind of arranged them in that way because they're really REALLY cute :))

Talk about being Nationalistic. This is SO COOL. It can really make heads turn because of the color.

This is one of my favorites because the pink 'character' looks happy ----->> so random of me :D

Anyhoo till next time

(Photos by Chris Canela)


  1. NiCe PoSTiNG!
    veRy CuTe SHoEs!!!

    LOVe iT deaR..


  2. I love those shoes! I envy you. Too bad we don't have events like that here in the province.