I'm not a mistake, I'm not a fake, It's set in my DNA

Miley Cyrus new songs is on repeat at my playlist since this morning. And now, I'm having a last song syndrome. I've been humming the melody while I was on an ukay-ukay hunt for the whole day :)). So here's the official video of the music.

I actually like the song. It reminds me of the good ol' days of Britney Spears. But I do hope Miley won't end up like her. With the video, she has ,for me, finally detached from her Hannah Montana image because the video is kind of sexy. Yahoo reports that her costume costs around 25 THOUSAND DOLLARS. that's huge but i could have a lot of stuff from it>.<

Anyhoo ,I've mentioned that, finally, I just got home from an Ukay-ukay escapades. It was tiring because 1) the heat from the sun is reallyt HOT, 2) medyo stenchy :)) but ive enjoyed it.
here are some of them. Ill not post the liz claiborne jacket that ive managed to find. haha i think it's new because there's still a tag.
Actually, I've fought for this one . My mom doesnt like it at first she thinks something is wrong. But she ended up liking it anyway.

I love this dress, i like the print and the neckline suits me well.

This is for laid-back days at school look :D

Florals , again haha

So what do you think of Miley? of the stuff i bought?


  1. oooh ukay! hahah its like guilty pleasuree.. too guilty that i found most of the contents of my closet are all from ukay. im so effin cheap that i dont even spend my money in dept stores! hahah but im trying to change my ways. I believe i deserve some brand new loot rin. but then, im sure to come back to ukay. hahah nice finds! :D see you at school wearing them! :D

  2. Phoebe, you're not cheap ,as you may term it, haha it's fun looking for something 'unique' from those places esp sometimes i deconstruct them . But it's a good thing to mix mall bought clothes with ukay stuff:P

  3. Great shopping!!!! all so nice pieces.
    I love it!

  4. Hey! Could you recommend some good ukay places :))

  5. Hey , some good ukay places. I can't really pinpoint one because you must really look through all the racks kasi so you can find one. Pero i go to carriedo, there's one good ukay place there and hidalgo street.