Symmetry between Edgy and Feminine

I really can't get over by the two collections I saw yesterday. John Paras Holiday Collection and Veejay Floresca Holiday Collection. But , First I really love Veejay's vision about his collection. I saw balance in it. It's diverse, in a way that it's not all black or it's not all colorful. Truly, he is making clothes for different types of women. It's really feminine but there's this x-factor in it that will urge you to look again and admire every detail , every movement his dress makes. All I can say is, FEROCIA !! - fierce and makes women feel strong and in control. Congrats, Sir Veejay :)

Here are my favorites:
(photos by Bruce Carmona and Dave Zamora)
I love this dress, It's like a Greek Goddess but wears black and it's sexy :)

The silver brocade fabric is gorgeous.

I would totally wear this, this looks fun and flirty (in a good way).

I love the splash of color, it's design fits the color.

This look so powerful :D

I love the the styling of this and the crumpled effect took another level of being primp and proper :D

P.S I met Karl Leuterio :D