Risk Taker Carrie

I'm excited to see this movie and it'll be shown here in the Philippines on June 2, 2010. I'm loving the excerpts and the fashion that was used throughout the movie. I really Love Carrie because she's a risk taker. Most of her stuff from the movie( even from the series) are really hard to pull off but she make it work. She's also a trendsetter (duh Sarah Jessica Parker). They say that in this film , new trends (or will comeback) will be set again from this film. The white halston dress. Instead of going to a function in LBD's, many (might) will go for a white dress/mini/maxi. Also, the dresses that are light and flowy because some of their pics in desert scene are mostly flowy. And the full skirt( i think designers and some people are tired with body cons and short dress) looks amazing on Carrie. Anyhoo, Here are some excerpts from the film. I got them from Fabsugar.com. 
Will you go to a market wearing Dior full skirt? That's just fantabulous :D

My cousin's debut is in the works for next year but I want to fix and arrange it for her but in the event function , I'll wear something similar to the skirt. A mohawk dress, shorter in the front, longer in the back. :D

The 4 friends in their very distinct styles.

This is Carrie and Bid D's closet. Talk about huge walk-in closet.

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