I love editorial shots that are theatrical, lots of color or with uber edgy clothes. Here's my favorite for this week. First set is from Elle Russia for June issue. Model: Isa Askl.The second set is for May issue , I forgot the name of the magazine but I got them all at fashionising.com.

The thing that i love the most about this set is how the background connects with the model. I know there should be always a story behind editorials, but I have a different feeling for this one. It looks realistic and the color of the sea and walls is spectacular. The styling is great too. I love the dress in the 2nd picture.

The second set is cute. I mean the clothes and the model is like camouflaging. They literally blend in the scenery. I also love the styling and the hair of the model.

I find this pic so 70's-ish and I love the shoes:D
This is the pic where she blends in with the wall. Tres Chic :D

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