Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since yesterday morning, I've been looking and checking the pictures from the Met Gala and I've been looking into the gowns and dresses by the attendees. Some looks are perfect, some are good, some outfits are epic failure. But the following people on their best looks are my favorites :D

I really like J.Lo's gown. It looks so regal and elegant. This gown is designed by Zuhair Muhrad.

This Halston frock for SJP looks good on her. I know that this kind of dress can only rock by some people and SJP is one of them.

Jessica Zhor's look is so dramatic. The mermaid gown suits her very well.

Clair Danes and ,her hubby, Hugh Dancy are both in Burberry. Damn, the gown is lovely. I'm imagining myself wearing that gown. It's really pretty.

Chanel Iman in Michael Kors' Jumpsuit. She really rocked that jumpsuit. Unlike , Tina Fey's jumpsuit look which looks casual for the Met.

Anne Hathaway in a Valentino gown. This is my fave for the event. I love old hollywood look, It's so simple and timeless.

I also love this dress on Nicole Richie. She looks tall and regal. The frock is designed by Marc Jacobs.

So who's your favorite?


  1. I didn't recognise Claire Danes (must be her eye make-up)! Poor Hugh Dancy, who looks sad... Anne Hathaway, my favourite as always.


  2. A, hahaha yeah even I . I didnt recognize her at my first look at this picture. Anne really looks lovely. Kudos to Rachel Zoe :D

  3. Thanks for following me, but I'll be posting on my other blog (see above) from now on. :) Will keep checking out your entries. :P

  4. Toxic disco boy- she's so werqing it,noh?

  5. love them all! Nicole is my #1 although she should be smiling!