Coming Up, Philippine Fashion Week 2010 Holiday

I'm really excited about this event. Maybe because I decided to be really out there. Try something new. Aside from that,  I like to show support to our dear kababayan and appreciate their works. I really do believe in the Filipino Talent. Filipinos can compete globally ,but as we all know our Philippine Government hasn't been giving enough support to this industry. I really do believe that this industry can bring a lot of jobs to this country. But if the government will give that sufficient guidance maybe one day Philippines can be one of the fashion capitals in the world. On the brighter note, I really like to see a  collection that will blow me away or make me say 'that's Divine' and 'I can die now' . Anyhoo , the PFW will be on the last week of May. I'm afraid I can't watch all of them because my classes starts on May 31st>.<
Picture from photobucket by jong basco

This afternoon I've been looking for the right dresses for the event, I found 2 and bought it, but I don't love them that much. I don't know why but the two dresses I bought are really chic but there is something my mind keeps telling me to still look even though I found and bought them already. I want a dress that shouts 'look-at-me-I'm-here.' So If you know some dresses that can be it, paste the link of the picture at the comments part.

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