Making a simple short and shirt look elegant

First, I've started this thread at Candymag's Teentalk Forum. It's about giving girls (and boys) some fashion emergency fixes. And I like to share it here in my blog.
So here's her question
So answering this question,honestly, was quite hard because I'm not sure what is the color or the fabric or if it's made of jeans. So here's my answer to her question.

"Hey, about that if you're referring to the shorts in a light blue color (i'm not pretty sure on how they called that type of wash on the jeans fabric) and shirt as in simple plain colored shirt. You can never go wrong with adding strands of pearls as your necklace and wearing a pair pearl earrings. Wear shoes that are solid in color, if you're really going to the elegant look . Then a simple head band to complete the look. You can also put on a blazer for added 'wow' effect."

Here's the example that I made for her.

For those who the same sentiments about looking elegant, here's my point of view. Keep the look simple and tasteful. In this example, we all know we can't easily pull of an elegant look for jean shorts because it looks to casual or if you use it in a wrong way, it'll look sloppy or slutty or just plain ordinary. But putting a minimal amount of accessories and blazer for a cover up. It changes the whole look.  But also partner it with proper manners and decorum.

If you have fashion emergency drop by my thread and post your questions. I'll be glad to help:)

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