Dress, Dress, Dresses!!

Since last Saturday, I've been going to malls and buying stuff , two of which are for the Philippine Fashion Week. And for me to celebrate my birthday and to resist the heat outside, but I was wrong I got nauseous last Saturday due to heat and people were in a hurry to buy this and that. So now, I'm totally broke again.bwaahaha. Then yesterday, I was not supposed to buy anything because I just like to eat ice cream and stroll around the mall but then I saw this cute white dress screaming to me. I love wearing dresses because when I was little my mom doesn't want me to wear those because of my thighs and my big butt. But it didn't hinder me to grow up wishing for a dress, and now i'm having a lot of them and still counting, even if my mom frowns about it ,A LOT. She makes fun of my legs T_T, sorry I got them from my dad. But i guess that's what makes me unique. As Tyra said, embrace your body(weakness) and turn it into your strength. In less than a month, school is back. Hello for a term that I don't have any major subjects because I'm shifting, I decided for a single degree (BS Commerce major in Marketing Management or Business Management) but I still have to take a test to be qualified to shift, so good luck to me. I want to finish my college studies already so I can work and save up for my doctorate or another undergrad course.
So that's the dress that's been screaming to me. I love the fact that I can also use to wear from the back view. It's like a 2 in 1 dress. Can't wait to wear it.


Detailed back design

This is one of the dresses that I'm going to wear for the Philippine Fashion Week. I've bought stuff in advance because when the Freshmen Orientation will start I don't have any time to shop because my friend told me I'll be helping them in the welcoming stuff for the political party I'm in. The dress is simple and it's backless.:) I went for simple because I'm planning to use one of my creations.(Did I mention that I make accessories?)

This headpiece really caught my eye and I like to use it for the PFW as well or for photoshoots. I like to create a headpiece like this. I think it's kind of easy to make one.Let's see.

Shoes, not really that glam but I like nude sandals. It makes my legs look thinner and it makes me look tall too.:)

Tomorrow, will be going on a thrift shopping with my mom. It's been 6 months since I've been into a thrift shop. It's like finding for a treasure. Gawd, I'm excited. I hope t find another set of dresses and I'm thinking for looking for interesting stuff like for jackets and vests. If you guys know any good thrift shop or ukay-ukay stores please please tell me T_T


  1. Aww... nice dress! I'm looking forward to fashion week too.

  2. Valerie- Thanks the dress can works backwards too haha. It's just in a matter of few weeks , too bad for me because i can only watch up to may 29 because i have to prep up for school.

  3. That headpiece is stunning... it's perfect to accessorize your white dress. Have fun at the fashion week. xoxo