Interns United :D

One of the BIGGEST EVENT in the Philippine Fashion Industry is coming up again:P ,so pretty much busy in the coming days. I'm afraid that I can't really blog a lot because of 2 things :P A. School is coming up (I feel so freshman again tomorrow ) ,B. Some stuff can't really be shared :P

Numbering models' id tags :D

So last Friday, after all the day (rather afternoon) work.....
Stylista, Indie Prepster, Girl-Next-Door, the Rocker

My girls, my boss and I went to Greenhills to bond and accompany Bev to her first gig as a concept photographer.:P 

Leather Jacket : Forever21, Tank Top: Anonymous , Accessories : Made by me ,Jeans : Natasha ( yup , You've read it right, my mom once bought me some jeans from them, but hey , it perfectly fits me.

 That's our new found friend , Portia :D
She's an intern of one of the best style director in the Philippines.

This is Jason Fernandez, vocalist of Rivermaya. This is by Beverly Kho. It's an epic photo for me. 
I had a blast Friday and it's my first time to go home late :D. 

I'm really learning a lot from the people I'm with and hopefully in the coming days, I shall know a lot more about the fashion industry in the Philippines, hands-on.
Till next time

(last 1st and last 3 photos were taken by Beverly Kho)


the things we do when we are bored aka the PHOTOBOOTH :P

So just to keep my humble blog alive, I want to share some photos that were recently shot during the time we don't do anything at the office :P (well ,rather before we go home and rest)