"Overall" Comback

Do you remember the time when were kids and we wear overalls especially for going out and play. Now it's making a comeback in the fashion scene. This comeback of overalls are being led by Ralph Lauren.(Style.com) The designer was inspired in the uniforms of some workers like farmers and prairies.
So here are some overalls from the last spring/summer fashion shows that i like.
Source: www.style.com

First pic from the top is by Paul Gaultier. You can see that it's really hip and fun , it's more appropriate to teens that are very experimental on what they do and also in what they wear :D
Next is Altuzarra . This piece is very laid back, casual and chic. I can see girls with petite frames can wear this (this will help illusionized the look of being tall) the last 3 is from Ralph Lauren. They metallic overall is a stunner :D

Fashion has been one of my stress relievers. If i had a bad day . i’m just going to look at fashion magazines or style.com and i’m almost relieved from the pain and madness i’m feeling.

Starting by today i want to start making fashion blogs and make reviews about it. Just for fun.:P

First off is

Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga.

The designs are mostly street-chic fashion. You can see at his designs that it is very architectural. In one of the photos there’s this uber edgy hoodie and i see myself wearing it:)) hehe anyway enjoy :P

New Me

This is my first time to blog at at blogspot.com. I want this blog to be my online portfolio of my future endeavors as a fashion stylist and consultant.

In order for my future clients to know basic stuff about me .
Here's the rundown about what they basically going to ask for:

I'm a 2nd year college student in one of the known universities in the Philippines.
I'm taking up BS- Information Systems.
I'm 18 yrs old.

I've love fashion since i was just a little kid.
Fashion , for me , is a kind of art that needs a person's imagination and build and solve a puzzle that will become a great 'portrait.'

I want to help my future clients to be happy in my means of dressing them up , that will also make them look good and feel good.