Can I say Adorable :D ?

For those who are wondering what to wear for the coming rainy/cold season, take some inspiration from this editorial shoot from Vogue China, July 2010 issue. The styling is genius. Layering of coats and use of knitwear is very timely considering that it's going to be cooler in the next day to come. The color palette is also good, balance and clean.

Source : Fashionising.com


First Part Of My Shifting Exams

Ok, so my day ended with something sad not because of the test but the sadness that rain brought this afternoon. Especially, when you see couples sharing one umbrella :| . Anyhoo, My test was so-so. I honestly did not finished my test because I  ran out of time. I never felt the time while taking that first part of the exam. Anyhoo, I've worn a knitted cardigan because I expected the testing room to be so cold(Good thing I did because it was FREAKING COLD). I'm wishing that I'll pass. Anyhoo , busy weeks ahead us. :D GO FIGHT WIN :))


Lazy Sunday

I'm supposed to be continuing my lecture powerpoint for my speech class on tuesday but I feel sluggish and traumatized from some past events. Oh well, I'm kind of moving on from those scenarios. Tomorrow ,also, is my ITEO exam for shifting to College of Business,School of Economics. I've decided to continue and finish my degree at my school, but if ever I won't pass. I still have a backup plan, i already told my mom and Ash and my friend and long lost sister, Gelo ;P about it.
But for now, I decorated my desk to make me feel happy and I want colors in my room, I plan to paint something on my walls soon :)) so here is my desk :
I organized my shoes again :)) 
I know I have a few shoes, because my mom is always keeping an eye on my purchases, especially if i'm buying shoes with heels. She doesn't like me wearing heels because I'm tall but I love heels, sometimes, I wish i'm just petite so I have an excuse to wear heels.

I'm also checking if I can work on a shorter her or a bob, but can't :)) Anyhoo, I miss my long hair.

That's all for now :D

Full Skirts Alert :D

Seeing LV'S Fall/Winter 2010 collection, I can really see that the inspiration for the line is 1950's. Full skirts and all that makes a girl look feminine and soft. It shows how beautiful woman's body is. The ads for FW 2010 just blown me away. The use of corset, gloves and chunky heels is , I think,is still going to be a trend for Fall. The handbags look so phenomenal especially in the last picture. I'm dreaming that in future I could also style ads like these. it just looks beautiful :D  and captivating.

I'm so not excited about this.....

NOT :))
I'm actually excited that another highstreet brand (for me) is coming here in Manila and it's .............
YUP IT'S Forever 21 !

I honestly, don't want to blog about this because people might know about this already, but i cant help it :)) I love them and I ,especially, love their clothes esp some of their collabs including the Danny Robert's line. ---->> it's so cute. I first heard the news through a friend ,at first I can't believe it, but when I've read Jane's blog, i jumped for joy, literally :D.
Here's some sneak peak from Jenni Epperson , one of the people I look up to in the fashion scene.

Can you hear the shoes screaming 'buy me now' :)) ?
The store opening will be on July 2, 2010, and for the first 250 who'll line up for the store opening will have a 200 VOUCHER!! how cool is that :D, sadly I can't come because I have a styling shoot for the company i'm interning in >.< Ms. Jane, I want to go but my sched can't fit >.< :((


Colorless Play

(Cardigan ; Sin'ulid; Shirt : Divisoria;Pants :SMDept)

These photos were taken yesterday after preparing the wardrobe that will be use for today. I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about the industry. I'm thinking of getting a job that i can earn from so by nxt summer I can study fashion styling. Anyhoo gotta go :D


Poster Art

Before, I didnt consider poster art to be an 'art' form. I thought of them as just a poster with elaborate designs and stuff, you know the stuff you see only in Philippine Streets. BUT when I came and picked up another book, Juxtapoz Poster Art, again from Trilogy, I'm amazed to see wonderful stuff that's in it. I love the works of Shephard Fairey, Tim Gough, Dora Drimalas, and Cody Hudson. They're just cool, adorable and unique. Here are some of the excerpts from the book.
By Burlesque Design

Both works of Cody Hudson

Both works by Dora Drimalas

By Tim Gough

Shephard Fairey

If you guys want to see more of it, get your copy at 
Trilogy. I'll tell you it's really GOOOD;)


This is for Mark Fast for Topshop. They're so in right now. What i love about knit dress is that it's an alternative to Bondage Dresses, because knitwear can kind of hugged into your body just like bondage dress can do for your body. PLUS you can also use them to layer into your outfits. Here are the stuff I love :D

Tracy Dizon :D

How am I going to start with Ms. Tracy Dizon? I really love her and I've watched Project Runway Philippines Season 2 and she has one of the most interesting style in that season. I so love her style. It's inspired from Japanese Street fashion. Her fashion sense is so out there :D. I love her pink hair, that I'm now thinking of getting a pink dye and dye it at the ends of my hair, like strips lang:)). and Her neon green bag is so kawaii :D. I would love to meet her. Interesting style = Interesting person :D


Last Friday, while waiting for my friend, Len, at Trilogy. I was keeping clothes in contact and flipping through some books. Then I found this photography book by David Belisle. It's so great and phenomenal. It took my breathe away. Here's some excerpts that I took:P If you want to have a copy, drop by trilogy and have your own copy:P

Let the pictures speak for themselves.:)

Here's a little info about the book:
R.E.M. has risen from cult college radio status to sell more than 100 million records worldwide and be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This gorgeous photo book captures the band on- and offstage with rare and intimate access for the first time. David Belisle has photographed and traveled with R.E.M. for the past seven years; his dynamic images and insider's perspective capture the band's performances, recording and video sessions, but also reveal its members in personal spaces that only the band and their closest friends inhabit. Handwritten captions by the band and an introduction by Michael Stipe add context and insight to a must-have document for fans.

David Belisle is a Seattle-based photographer who has worked with R.E.M., the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mudhoney, the Tiny Vipers, and others.

Michael Stipe is a singer, photographer, film producer, and activist. He lives in Athens, Georgia

Fall Look

As I was browsing the net-universe to look for fall looks, I saw Robert Rodriguez's Fall '10 looks at Fabsugar. His looks are good example of what looks are appropriate for Fall '10 , or should I say for the rainy season here in the Philippines. It's all about layers and knits. Another thing that i love about it , is that it looks edgy and mysterious. I'm getting tired of looks that's girly or full of frills, not that I dont wear them. Maybe because I see those kind of looks at school everyday. Back to the collections, I also love the overall look of his lookbook. It's so dramatic and the smoke adds emphasis on the whole ambiance. Here are my top five looks from hisFall '10 collection.

First Look: I love the layering of this look, also the coat is a stellar piece.

Second Look: The top is magnifique. Though the look is dark but the draping of the top makes it lil bit feminine.

Third Look: I love the leather gloves. I'm going to look for something similar to it. I love the '80s vibe in it.
Fourth Look: Never forget to put color into your look, even if it's rainy. I love the knit cardigan. I have something like it though.

Fifth Look: The button up collar, i think, is going to be in for this Fall season. It looks Victorian and very chic.

(Photos: fabsugar.com)


Haunting Look

This look has been haunting me for days. It's so striking for me that I was inspired sketching jackets and layered looks. I love her hair and skirt is phenomenal. The layering of the jackets is just so COOL. Sheesh, I want to wear something similar to this.

Another thing that made me happy today :)) see the pic underneath this :))
I never thought that Janylin will reply and tell me that positive comment. It just makes me happy. Thanks again :)