Lazy Sunday

I'm supposed to be continuing my lecture powerpoint for my speech class on tuesday but I feel sluggish and traumatized from some past events. Oh well, I'm kind of moving on from those scenarios. Tomorrow ,also, is my ITEO exam for shifting to College of Business,School of Economics. I've decided to continue and finish my degree at my school, but if ever I won't pass. I still have a backup plan, i already told my mom and Ash and my friend and long lost sister, Gelo ;P about it.
But for now, I decorated my desk to make me feel happy and I want colors in my room, I plan to paint something on my walls soon :)) so here is my desk :
I organized my shoes again :)) 
I know I have a few shoes, because my mom is always keeping an eye on my purchases, especially if i'm buying shoes with heels. She doesn't like me wearing heels because I'm tall but I love heels, sometimes, I wish i'm just petite so I have an excuse to wear heels.

I'm also checking if I can work on a shorter her or a bob, but can't :)) Anyhoo, I miss my long hair.

That's all for now :D

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