It's not a bad day after all

I just read a message from Micky of the Xing Street Fashion Project, that I can now write, review and post the looks I love from this day on. Since, I find the streetstyle photos very authentic and very Pinoy. If there's a Sartorialist and Jak&Jill for the Western side of the globe, Xing is for the Philippine Fashion Scene, I really believe the Pinoys got taste and knows how to rock every style he/she wants to embody. I'm so honored that I can do this, because from the beginning I want to write about , if not high, streetwear. Anyhoo, I plan to post 5 looks per entry, unless the look is so ferocia that I can't help but posting it alone.

Are you guys game?
Here's the first look that I love;

 This is the definition of being Pinoy Chic. It's so feminine yet there's this X-factor that is really strong and beautiful. I love the sleeves of her blouse and the look is so sexy without even trying. The use of vest make her body look alluring and gives shape and contour to her body.

http://xingstreet.com/ | http://xingstreet.tumblr.com/

This is Jaro, I love that hat. The look is so playful and I can feel the beat in my head, he looks like he's about to dance and Krump it. What makes it unique and one of my faves is that the hat and the bow tie set off a statement that makes you remember him.

This is Karl, (today is his birthday) being one of the famous Pinoy bloggers in the local scene, he'll never dissapoint and will continue to surprise us. What i love about this look is how he played with accessories and layering articles of clothing. I love the way the top hangs on him. It's just fantabulous.

This is Mikhael. I love the way he played with prints. It's very dynamic and genius. The prints are like making motions and that's what I think interesting and not make me bored .He balanced the look with black (liquid?) leggings and boots to match.  I can honestly say, only a few can rock a print-on-print look because it's hard to style and some people are not welcome to that idea. Thanks to Mikhael, he showed us the right way. :P

Last but not the least is Tintin. I love her bag. I love bags with unusual shapes or a bag that you wouldn't think of as a bag. I love how she made the pink printed dress look rocker-ish and cool. I also adore her red hat, a head turner indeed.
http://xingstreet.com/ | http://xingstreet.tumblr.com/

I'll explain on my next post what happened during the course of this day.
Ciao till next time ;P

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