Boredom makes me rip and fray my pants:D

Jacket from SM Dept, Shoes from Janylin, Gray Top, thrifted. DIY Ripped Pants :D

Yesterday was a non-working holiday for us, Filipinos. I was supposed to study all day long but I got bored and I thought of having something to pump my energy up. So what i did was get an old skinny jeans from my closet , and as you see it, I slashed them by using a very sharp edge blade and a dull blade of scissors to fray the jeans. I never thought it's going to look good but I tried them on for today's class and people were looking at me. Anyhoo I love what I did to them, I've received some positive comments though:D. I've been through a lot this week, I just wish all the pain and suffering will go away.>.<

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