The thing that made me fall... LITERALLY T_t

ok, yesterday, I had an accident. Since, My mom and I are the only people at our house, we do have a share on on doing household chores. Talk about being independent and doing stuff that usually men do. So, something was wrong with the lighting fixtures in our bathroom, so I thought I can fix it, especially I can reach for t by standing on the toilet bowl. So once I was reaching out for the bulb, I slipped and fell from it and unfortunately my left knee hit the ground first. It was so painful that I couldn't stand for how many minutes then I managed to stand up by being careful. Then, I thought I can endure the pain without telling my mom.>.< Then, when I rode and slept during my trip to school, I was about to stand to get off at Mia road then I suddenly feel that rush of pain and worst, I can't bend my left knee. Imagine me walking by dragging my other feet and going to another bus going to school. >.< It was painful, then I texted Karl, about what should I do ( woah, I know it was his birthday but he's the only one I know that could give me help)  so he told me to rest my leg and put an ice on it when I got home >.<

Anyhoo, I'm feeling better and It doesn't hurt anymore:D
thought, while waiting for my shifting paper to be released, my best friend, Ashley, wants to have an impromptu mini shoot at the football field>--->> it was kind of funny because we stood at the center of field doing almost nothing:)) . I was hesistant because I feel like I look like some country singer. Well,  don't want to stay long at school that's why my get up was so simple>.<
Yesterday's look

Present Knee

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