Fall Look

As I was browsing the net-universe to look for fall looks, I saw Robert Rodriguez's Fall '10 looks at Fabsugar. His looks are good example of what looks are appropriate for Fall '10 , or should I say for the rainy season here in the Philippines. It's all about layers and knits. Another thing that i love about it , is that it looks edgy and mysterious. I'm getting tired of looks that's girly or full of frills, not that I dont wear them. Maybe because I see those kind of looks at school everyday. Back to the collections, I also love the overall look of his lookbook. It's so dramatic and the smoke adds emphasis on the whole ambiance. Here are my top five looks from hisFall '10 collection.

First Look: I love the layering of this look, also the coat is a stellar piece.

Second Look: The top is magnifique. Though the look is dark but the draping of the top makes it lil bit feminine.

Third Look: I love the leather gloves. I'm going to look for something similar to it. I love the '80s vibe in it.
Fourth Look: Never forget to put color into your look, even if it's rainy. I love the knit cardigan. I have something like it though.

Fifth Look: The button up collar, i think, is going to be in for this Fall season. It looks Victorian and very chic.

(Photos: fabsugar.com)

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