Reliving the Renaissance Period

""The Medici, one of the most affluent families in history," June Pugat says, "was my creative concept behind this collection. This is an ode particularly to the Medici women. I created a showcase of tailored and draped pieces using brocade retraced with beadwork, dyed and hand-painted jusi and silk cocoon, soft tulle, double-faced lamé and hand-painted Mikado."
(excerpt from Stylebible.ph)

And that's what caught my attention to this collection. If you guys could remember your Art Appreciation classes or History Classes, The Medici Family are the ones who patronage, collect and order painting from different exemplary painters during those times and making a bank of Art ( I forgot how my prof termed it but the thought is similar to it :D) And art during those times indicates status, the more paintings you have the noble you are.
Seeing June's collection perfectly interpreted what these Medici's are and living in those periods. Rich, luxurious and elegant .

This shows craftmanship and fantasy :D I love the hand painted effect, it's breathtaking.

This gown looks regal.

I want this coat , J :D 

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