Poster Art

Before, I didnt consider poster art to be an 'art' form. I thought of them as just a poster with elaborate designs and stuff, you know the stuff you see only in Philippine Streets. BUT when I came and picked up another book, Juxtapoz Poster Art, again from Trilogy, I'm amazed to see wonderful stuff that's in it. I love the works of Shephard Fairey, Tim Gough, Dora Drimalas, and Cody Hudson. They're just cool, adorable and unique. Here are some of the excerpts from the book.
By Burlesque Design

Both works of Cody Hudson

Both works by Dora Drimalas

By Tim Gough

Shephard Fairey

If you guys want to see more of it, get your copy at 
Trilogy. I'll tell you it's really GOOOD;)

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  1. Love poster art :)