OK, I had a bad day due to some people but It's ok. I need to be positive all the time, right? Anyhoo, Every Tuesday and Thursday ,me and my bestie have an hour and a half break, and this morning we got bored and my best fried brought her camera with her. I think you guys know what we did to pass the time while for our next class. :D

Everytime, I have a 'shoot' with my bestie, Ashley, it's always fun and it's full of screams an non stop laughter. My look is kind of ordinary but hey I love my look though. it's really different. I never tried to wear a beanie before :D  But, atleast having a shoot makes me forget some problems surrounding me. 


  1. Wow, U deserve to be positive, the last 'breakdancing' pic more than others. Love your outfit, too. Enjoy spare time as much as U can. <3

  2. Mika, i know eve if all of other stuff fails, we should never forget to smile:)