Last Friday, while waiting for my friend, Len, at Trilogy. I was keeping clothes in contact and flipping through some books. Then I found this photography book by David Belisle. It's so great and phenomenal. It took my breathe away. Here's some excerpts that I took:P If you want to have a copy, drop by trilogy and have your own copy:P

Let the pictures speak for themselves.:)

Here's a little info about the book:
R.E.M. has risen from cult college radio status to sell more than 100 million records worldwide and be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This gorgeous photo book captures the band on- and offstage with rare and intimate access for the first time. David Belisle has photographed and traveled with R.E.M. for the past seven years; his dynamic images and insider's perspective capture the band's performances, recording and video sessions, but also reveal its members in personal spaces that only the band and their closest friends inhabit. Handwritten captions by the band and an introduction by Michael Stipe add context and insight to a must-have document for fans.

David Belisle is a Seattle-based photographer who has worked with R.E.M., the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mudhoney, the Tiny Vipers, and others.

Michael Stipe is a singer, photographer, film producer, and activist. He lives in Athens, Georgia

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