School days are going to start again this May 31st, but mine starts on June 1st because of Tuesday-Thursday, and I haven't planned the stuff I'll be wearing. I mean hello, I only have 2 days of school stuff and I dont want to look dull this upcoming academic year. So I'm planning to buy some fabrics and let someone make me a dress :D.(Will ask some of seamstress to do it perfectly for me). Ad I'm planning to go for skirts :). I mean they're easy to wear and hassle free. I have to wake up early, bathe fast and dress fast and eat breakfast,if I won't do it in fast manner , I might be caught in a traffic jam. Philippine Traffic is one of the worst traffic systems in the world, for me. So dresses and skirts are just easy to get in with. :P
So here's my inspiration for some dresses .

I'm really going for sweet heart neckline and I love this dress because it's really playful and I love the tulle detail underneath it.

My mom really likes me wearing this kind of frock because it makes me look taller and leaner.And I agree with her.:)

I love the Zipper detail of this Urban Outfitter's dress. I need it to have an illusion that I have boobs :))
Same goes for this one.

For the shoes, I'm opting for flats and wedges. So I can freely go to every stuff I need. Shifting papers, work stuff, and acads and possibly SC work.

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