Project Mamau!

I mentioned before that I really want to pursue my designing dreams, which is more for shoes. And I was talking to my dad about it and the idea of having my own shoe business and he agreed that I should go for it. Thank God, because I think my parents see that I really want to be in the business and I'm now excited and happy about it. Awhile ago, my mom told I should've gone taking a fashion design course , in the first place. Haha funny though because they're the one who taught that idea sucks, before I entered college. I told my mom after my conversation with my dad about the shoe business I'm going to have, probably by next year(I'll explain why next year, later), that I'm really happy because I already have the blessings of my dad to do want I really want to do. He told me he's going to support me about it and ,while studying in DLSU, let me take classes about design and styling and merchandising. Because DLSU doesn't have any elective that caters to fashion.

Ok. Why project mamau?
Because it's about me posting my sketches , mood boards bout my 'dream, or any stuff related to project mamau:D.

And also feature my fave shoe designers, local or international shoe designers.
Although, I'll post some stuff about fashion and others but it'll not be part of project mamau.:D
Gee, I miss blogging. I have a lot of work and also PFW is coming up and Trilogy's anniversary is coming. But I promise to blog and blog and post some of my sketches. Disclaimer: I'm not really a good illustrator but I need to 'illustrate' my ideas so i'll not forget it.:D

Anyhoo, One of my fave designers, for shoes, is Cesar Gaupo for Gaupo shoes. I always tell to myself that when I graduate I want to wear couture shoes from him. I don't care if I'll be wearing a simple LBD to make it up for the price but If I have the perfect shoes for my grad, I'll be happy to walk through the stage and take my diplome, with or without honors. I really admire his designs because of two things. 1. It's really simple, cassic and elegant and 2. It's Pinoy. :D
I heard that he might have a master class at SliMs for shoe design, and I really hope for that, and I want him to be my mentor :D. Please , can somebody introduce me to him >.<

Here are some of his latest work.
This is good for corporate attire , if you're going to add some sassiness to a simple polo-high waisted pencil skirt.

I love to wear this with a black asymmetrical dress that the length of the dress is 3 inches above the knee.
I love the lines and the simplicity of it. It is not trying hard to get your attention but it's work a second look.

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