Legally Blonde is coming here in Manila in June

The movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. Elle is an empowered female ,for me. She shows to the world that women are strong and never to stop fighting for what they want and what they need. She maybe unbelievable at first because of her sassy-ness and kind of silly approach at Harvard , she proved to us that we shouldn't judge a person by her physical aesthetics. Anyhoo, I'm thrilled that Atlatis production will offer us this theatrical play and Nikki Gil is going to play as Elle. She's one of the talented Pinoy artist in the cuntry. I'm starting to save money for this and I'll treat my mom to this because one of the show dates fall under her birthday.:D


  1. hope you get to go see legally blonde!


  2. Becca- Sure , I will :D. Its been 6 months since Ive watched a stage play.