I love my job :D

Disclaimer: Quick post since I like to sleep already but my mind and my hands are moving and they like to 'voice-out' every stuff they like people to hear and see.

So,I haven't posted anything since last Sunday because of some personal stuff that matters to me. Family always comes first, right? and I just like to sleep and rest after dealing with those stuff. But then again , I may be sad and lowly and down from my previous weeks but God will always let you know that you can come through it and He'll give you another chance to be happy , move on and live your life back, and face more challenges ahead of you. 

I just came home from my work, as an intern at Trilogy and I survived my first day :D Yipee Yay :)) =)) I had fun and learned a lot and observed how things are being done there. My boss are so kind and fun to be with , so I had no problem adjusting to the environment and with them. Ok, I admit I was a bit starstruck ,at first, because of the people who goes there.(omg my boss might be reading this :D ) Anyhoo, I'll post some photos from the event awhile ago by tomorrow because my co-intern took all of them and he's in charge with taking pictures.
Ok, now I can't wait to see Sex and the City 2. I love the movie and the series because of the clothes and stuff there but I also love the plot. It's the original 'gossip girl' genre or ,for me, the real deal of a chic-movie. 
I just wish that there'll be a movie again, like Devil Wears Prada, that is really close to the fashion world. I believe ABS-CBN, local television station here in the Philippines, will produce a tv series that is related to fashion. Anyhoo, I believe some shoes at SATC2 are designed by Brian Atwood, one of my fave shoe designers.

Au Revoir,

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