My Shoe Dreams

From Top to Bottom,(left-right): Irini Shoes by Brian Atwood, b&w wedge oxfords and another white shoes from Tabitha Simmons, Meree by Christian Louboutins,Chaos Harmony shoes and Tahiti shoes by Christian Louboutins
As I said it before at my facebook account that if God will give me a chance to pursue my designing dreams, I'll take on creating shoes for all types of women. And I guess my 'voice' was heard. My dad is an OFW and i guess he doesn't like to work abroad anymore and he wants to put up a small business then I proposed my mom and I will venture into a fashion business. Mom will be in charge of the accessories and I for the shoes. But I told my father that I like to take shoe design classes and/or workshops because I still lack the knowledge on how shoes are being made. But back from creating shoes for all type of women that came from  my experience. I do feel that the designs for big sized women (yes, I do have a big feet) are not stylish enough and we ended up buying for ok-shoes.OK-shoes means average or just to wear something. And sometimes I feel degraded because I don't feel cute nor confident on the shoes I bought before. So that's my point of view.

Anyhoo, do you guys know any school that offers shoe design courses which will be offered this coming semester. I'm planning to squeezed it into my academic schedule because I think I'll have a lot of free time , aside from studying and preparing for my shifting tests and possible shifting-related interviews at school.


  1. omygosh!! GO be a shoe designer! that would be really awesome! go for it! youll do great! :D

  2. You're shifting? You're from CCS right? What course will you be shifting to?

  3. About to shift to COB, i'll be taking some tests for bmg and mmg