June Pugat is one of my friends I met recently and the funny thing about is I found him in facebook through Popo Go's event page for PFW. I was looking through because I've heard and seen Popo Go's work on ads and on some artists of ABS-CBN. Then an inkling told me to check on Pugat's fb account then I found this very beautiful dress and the hand painted fabric of that dress is breathe taking. I can't post it here because it'll be part of his collection for the upcoming PFW holiday 2010, part of Grand Allure Show. I love the inspiration of that dress. He said that it's about resurrecting the Medici family. I understand why he named it that way because during the Renaissance period the Medici family were the ones that keep, preserve and order painters to do portraits and art related stuff. I believe that we should be like the Medici family. Preserving art and developing and supporting artists more. Fashion is art. And Pinoy Designers need support from the government and private financing partners. I believe in the next years to come, Pinoy designers will up their game and be known around the world. Anyhoo, here's some works of June from PFW 2007. :D 
I love the cutout detail of this gown and the shawl is overly dramatic.

I love the back detail of this gown :D

I love the idea of using copper instead of the usual gold/silver fabric for evening dresses.

I never thought that he's behind the clothes of some ads of Avon :D
This is Nikki Gil and the dress is so mod :D I envision Twiggy wearing this too.

Ms. Angel Locsin.

I'm really looking forward for his collection. It's really promising, seeing the hand painted and origami like draping. It's something be talk about. FYI, he made a dress for Sarah Maier-Albano to wear in one of the episodes for Philippine Fashion Week Tv.:P

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