The stuff that makes me happy :D

Before , I'll go to work on a school project, I want to share the stuff that makes me happy and what made me happy for the day.

Stuff and People that makes me happy :D.

1. My Mom and Dad
- They're truly understanding. Especially my dad, i taught he was going to yell at me while i was telling him about my subject problems and I told him that I want to shift before it's too late. I'm glad that his reply made me calm and was given permission to shift.

2. Chuck!!
- He's my new puppy . and he sleeps besides me haha he's so cuddly.

3. Books and Blogs
- Ok. haha I really love books and love reading them. its as if talking to the author itself. Then my best friend influenced me to try reading an e-book since i always bring my laptop anywhere. Haha good news my dear friend, i've downloaded 3 e-books and will start reading them on my breaks.

- blogs, they're the ones that makes me open to some new ideas. and they're refreshing somehow since it takes a different view on a certain subject. though the blogs i read the most are about fashion and photography.

4. SHOES!!
- i'm a self-confessed late bloomer. I've become girly at the later stage of my highschool year. So , still i'm short on shoes but still , this year, i'll save and buy new shoes to satisfy my cravings. Atleast, i'm spending my money on something not on drugs, right :P?

 image from shoeblog.com.. >> i adore this shoes and the blog. >> i love how witty the blogger is and how artsy the shoes is.

5. My friends and some new acquaintances-that-hopefully- will-be-my -closest- friends
-They're the ones who's there to support me. and care for mer and the ones i can depend on.


3 events made me happy today

1. My dad called and I miss him so much. I cried while I was talking to him.
2. I was talking/twitting to a fellow blogger , Alexandra Lapa. I've stumbled to her blog last night and i love her features on fashion. I envy her because she's a stylist. I hope i can work with you po :P and meet you in person.
url: http://www.reluctantstylista.com/
Trivia: She took a CCS course at DLSU. :D
3. While I was checking some latter posts, I saw a comment. Thanks Mr. Marlow:D. It made me happy because I know someone is reading my blog :))

That's it all folks. This week , i've some photos to share .:D

Au Revoir
Maureen :D

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