Ok , I guess from that title of my blog , you already know what's this post all about. haha you're right it's about Alice in Wonderland.

As of now, I'm waiting for my groupmate to come here at the Library at school.
Short Review :

I really love how Burton retells a story that has been known to several generations. Since Alice in Wonderland, is one of the classics. It was written by Lewis Caroll for a girl named Alice Lidden. The storyline of Burton is so refreshing and it compliments this period of time. For those who are saying that Burton's version is dark, I beg to disagree because this story is really dark from the beginning. Disney's first version made it light so kids of that time will enjoy watching it. I believe Burton is the right director to actually retell the story, not remake. Mia wasikowska her acting chops are fair enough. Nothing really great about it, in my point of view. But i'm going to expect more a lot from her. Johnny Depp.. haha i'm speechless. He's acting and interpretation of Mad Hatter was well done. I love how the depth of emotions that Mad Hatter shown elaborately in the movie. He may had got those influences from his previous characters, one of which is Sweeney Todd, but Mad Hatter is just mad and sometimes, ironically jolly. I love the scene where he danced something in the end. It was really funny. but i do think Helena Bohem Carter upstaged Depp. She's really memorable. Eventhough she has few lines w/o the 'off with their heads' , still she has delivered a good performance. Anne Hathaway, i just loved how she personifies the white queen. It was whimsical and fairy-tale-esque.

I love the cinematography and the costumes :))
here are some screencaps i got from mr. google.

The costumes for Alice was to die for. It's feminine and you can wear them in real life. I love her red dress , it feels so regal at the same time tribal because of the tiger (i think) prints. I also love the dress made by the Mad Hatter. It was cute:P

I can't find a good image of the White Queen's gown. Same with the Red Queen's. But i believe they were inspired from the Elizabethan Period, because of the cuts and shapes of it.

I was supposed to watch the film with my groupmates and Dani but they can't make it because , Ate Lilai had to go home to Batangas. Dani had a meeting scheduled for a political party at school.

So , I've watched it with Ashley , again :D
I wore a peach tank top. Pink necklace made by my mom.
Scarf i bought from SM Dept.
black peep toe shoes.

Here , we were trying to get a shoot Alice Inspired but hahaha FAIL :P

Anyway that's all for now 
Au Revoir

Next Update Oscar's
>>Just waiting for the complete results 

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