Needs A Break

A break from studying at this moment :))

Ok. I promised to post update you guys about Alice in Wonderland , but i dont think i can do it for this time because I have loads of stuff to do. It's still is HELL WEEK at school. Awhile ago i've been studying about the Celtic Paintings and Calligraphy. I recommend you guys to watch the Secret of Kells. It's a good depiction of Western Calligraphy. Anyway , i've passed my resume to a College Focused fashion magazine this afternoon. While i'm editing my resume , i've come to see my past photoshoots last year.It is to accompany my resume for a styling job . :P

Yes , you heard it right. I've done some styling before. But I stop due to a. My camera broke. then b. Acads.

My model here is Kai Garcia. She's a friend who's studying at CSB.
I really love her outfit that day. The shoot was for a photocontest but i didn't manage to send it
because of some idea constraints. I think i went overboard because i made it too modern. Since the theme was Filipiniana. The dress worn as skirt was designed by me but i made it hand painted by somebody else before. Take note , i've used this skirt as a part of My Mari Clara costume.

My model for this shoot was Murphy Katigbak. She's one of my closest friends at school. I love her style too. It's quite unique and some times eclectic in a good way. When i asked her to model for me, she was quite hesistant. I dont know why , but I know she has some modeling chops inside her. Styling by me and accessories were made by , yours truly, me.

This is my fave shot for ate Murphy. Hehe it reminds me of Gossip Girl.:P

Ok i have to go back to studying and papers. But i'll try to update you guys for more fashion bits and on the Alice thingy. and On the issue of Gareth Pugh as one of the candidates for Alexander Mcqueen's Creative Director.

Au Revoir

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