Ballet and Ballads

It's been awhile since I've blog about the whereabouts and whatabouts of my life. I miss writing a lot! I promise , from now on, that I'll update this little blog of mine , every time that I'm free. I've been running around from academic projects to org projects. Sometimes , I want to get away and just sleep and walk around some runways or catwalks (:P) . Anyway Enjoy some pics :D
February 20,2010
I watched this ballet show with my closest friends and someone ( someone who once been an important part of my life. but then i blew it.)

I didn't like it that much because it was shot.>.<>

I was wearing a lace dress from the Ramp Crossings, then Xtra gold t strap flats. Then a dirty white cardigan. And a brown bag I got from my mom's closet. Accessories are made by mom:)

This shot was taken along the street going to Harbor Square .

Movement A

Movement B

I really REALLY love pictures with movements. that's why i like these photos. And I do look slimmer in those :))

Ashley has been my very best friend since we entered our college life. She's been my groupmate-partner in subjects- and someone I know I can fall back on:)

Ash took this pic randomly when I was experimenting on poses. haha hey I can be fierce in my own right . Di ba :P ?

I love this pic of Ashley , it reminds me of someone's photo from editorials :)

Okay , that was the shadow of that someone.....

Anyway , last night we've watched Alice in Wonderland . It was so amazing. Aside from the plot story. I really loved their costumes. It seems as if you can wear them in the real modern world. I'll update you , my dear readers, about it with pics. Again :P

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