Aksyon ngayon , Pagbabago para sa bagong Henerasyon : ELEKSYON 2010

Ano ang 10 importanteng bagay na dapat TANDAAN ng isang botante sa araw ng eleksyon?

1.Don’t forget to bring your voter’s id. For newly registered voters, bring your registration stub along with a valid id.

2.Know your precinct ahead of time.

3. Prepare a list of candidates you’re going to vote to make it easier to find names in the ballot.

4. Don’t overvote and mark your ballots properly.

5. Bring a marker in case your precint does not have one.

6. Be at your precinct on time. Voting time is only between 7am to 6pm. Get there as early as possible to avoid crowds.

7. Be patient on lining up for your precinct

8. Make sure that the ballot is not damaged in any way.

9. . Pray for a clean elections

10. Be polite to your BEI’S :D

Ano Ang 10 importanteng bagay na dapat BANTAYAN ng watcher at botante sa araw ng eleksyon?

Be aware of flying voters.

Cell phones should be turned off during the voting period.

Always remember to cover your ballots while answering.

If there’s a vote buying scenario, report it to the Comelec and PNP officers.

Beware of suspicious people inside and outside the precinct.

If there’s a scenario where the candidate or the candidate’s supporters are campaigning, do report it to the COMELEC officials.

Be alert and ready for unexpected things.

Make sure that your ballot is clean ( no marks , no crampled part)

Make sure that the BEI has given you your acknowledgement receipt for voting and inedible ink.

Be aware of those people who stays after voting.

Beware of the people around and they should be properly in uniform for their tasks.(kilalanin ang mga taong na sa presinto.

Suggestions on how to report or escalate problems before, during and after the elections.

Seek help with the COMELEC representatives when there’s a problem within the area.

Join non government sectors that stand for clean elections

Send SMS to these groups when there’s a problem

If you have a twitter account, twit your report with a hash tags or through direct messages for instant and free communication, so media partners (and the world) would see what’s happening in real time.

THE QUALIFICATIONS OF A CANDIDATE that I (We) would be looking for are ....

a. Smart and hard-working
b. A just leader
c. Someone who's not just good in expressing his visions for the country but also good in actually make those visions real.

Espinosa 's

a. Willing to give up anything for the sake of the country
b. Someone who has experience in dealing with the country's problems and has actually done something about it.
c. Someone who does not rely/use the fame of of relatives,actors,etc.


a. Honest
b. Has a good platform and a good leadership record
c. Has a heart for the people .


a. Good track record and has proven something ( has done something already).
b. Honest and keeps his words.
c. Not afraid to prosecute those who are guilty of crimes and "dapat may paninindigan".

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